The SW Experts | 8 Helpful Tips For Role-playing Newbies
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8 Helpful Tips For Role-playing Newbies

Helpful Tips for role-playing newbies


Role-play can be a fun and harmless way to add a bit of spice and excitement to any couple’s sex life. It can be fun pretending to be someone else or something else for one night, or one weekend even!

If you are interested in introducing role-play into your relationship, but are unsure how to go about it, find our helpful tips for ensuring that your first foray into role-play is a success!


1. Prepare a Scenario

It’s always good to plan out a scenario that you both would like to play out beforehand. It is up to you whether you just decide on roles and a setting and then let everything happen naturally or plan everything down to the smallest detail. Your choice does not matter as long as both of you are on the same page. You both feel more comfortable and sure of what is going to happen and enjoy it more.

2. Get your partner’s agreement before you begin

It is important to talk things through with you partner before you begin anything, so that you both know what you are both uncomfortable with. Even though it is just a bit of fun, neither of you should feel forced or manipulated into doing something you don’t want to.SONY DSC

3. Don’t be afraid to improvise

Although in the beginning you may prefer to plan out the entire storyline, once you feel more comfortable and confident, you may wish to improvise things a little more. This is a great way to add a little bit of danger and extra spice.

4. Compromise

When you are deciding the game or scenario you are going to play and the roles you are going to take on; it is important to come to a compromise on something that works for both of you. This may not be easy, as people don’t always have the same imagination as one another, but the goal is just to find something that is going to be a turn-on for you both.

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5. Attend to your partner’s needs

Often the smallest and seemingly insignificant details could be the parts of your partner’s erotic dreams or fantasies that mean the most to him or her. Mix those details into the act.

6. Don’t pressurize yourself

Remember the point of role playing is to have some fun together, so don’t worry about whether you are the most adept lover or not.

7. Try props and accessories

It can be fun to go as far as you can to make your role playing scenario realistic. You can do this by going to specific places to act out “scenes”, wearing relative items of clothing, decorating rooms or placing in a particular way and much more.

However, if that feels like a bit too much, there is no harm in just wearing your normal clothes and acting it out from the comfort of your own home. The most important thing is that it stimulates your imagination.

8. Always have a safe word

Regardless of the type of role-play you are acting out, you should always have a safe word. This acts like an emergency stop button and means that the game stops if something doesn’t feel right or is uncomfortable for either of you. Most people tend to avoid using “NO” as you might say this within the role-play without meaning for it to stop. It’s also a good idea to avoid using words you commonly use. Words and phrases such as “FRENCH FRIES”, “BAKED POTATOES” or even just “CODE RED” are great choices.