The SW Experts | 8 Holiday Dating Resolutions to Make Now
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8 Holiday Dating Resolutions to Make Now




holiday dating resolutionsTis the season – for what exactly, if you’re single? Getting drunk at the office holiday party or hooking up with some stranger at New Year’s aren’t such great ways to ring in Christmas or the New Year, but many people are just trying to get through all the forced merriment without losing it.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead of a repeat of last year or another holiday season spent drowning your sorrows in cheap vodka (or expensive champagne), following are 8 holiday dating resolutions to make now:

8 Holiday Dating Resolutions to Make Now:

1. Throw a party.

Gather your friends and acquaintances and ask them to invite their friends. Spread the holiday spirit by having your own festive holiday party to expand your social circle. You never know who you could meet.

2. Plan holiday dinner with your friends.

If your place is small, then meet up with them at your favorite restaurant to share the holidays together. Who says you have to spend all your holiday time with family? Friends are an important part of your life, so this is the time to acknowledge them. Be with those you love – not those you feel obligated to. This is the beauty of being single – you have that kind of freedom.

3. Make a list of all you’ve done this year.

It’s important to practice gratitude, especially during those times when we’re not feeling so grateful. It helps to write it all down, so you can see how much you’ve accomplished, how far you’ve come, or even how many small happy moments you had (like the time you painted your living room or watching the first snowfall of the season). It all counts.

4. Go solo to a party.

There’s nothing that says “sexy” like walking into a party alone and having a good time. You’ll be a rock star. Everyone will want to hang out with you. Really – people gravitate to those having the most fun.

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5. Ignore the nosy people.

Aunt Sally doesn’t need to know who you’ve been dating or what happened to your boyfriend from last Christmas. It is none of her business. Start asking her questions about her life instead, or politely change the subject or walk away. Don’t let her ruin your holiday, or feel compelled to answer questions about your love life.

6. Flirt.

Don’t discriminate – this isn’t about finding “the one,” it’s about having a good time and enjoying being single. Practice your flirting skills on someone new.

7. Be a kid again.

Grab a friend to walk around neighborhoods with pretty lights. Go ice skating. Have a snowball fight. Drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas cartoons. Enjoy the holidays like you did when you were a kid – nobody’s stopping you.

8. Don’t let your status define you.

We care too much about what others think of us. The truth is, they are busy worrying about themselves, not you. Stop with all of the self-doubt and just start enjoying more. Seriously. Everyone is single sometimes, in a relationship at other times. It doesn’t define who you really are unless you let it.