The SW Experts | 8 Tips For Keeping Your Office Romance Professional
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8 Tips For Keeping Your Office Romance Professional

Dee Simone - 8 tips for keeping your office romance professional

While it isn’t always the best idea to date within your office, your Mr. Right or Ms. Right may just be a coworker. And, if you want to maintain the status quo at your job, you’re going to need to follow these 8 Tips For Keeping Your Office Romance Professional:

1. No Kissing or PDA At The Office

When you’re in a relationship, it’s great to be affectionate with your partner. However, there’s a time and place for everything and the office is not the place for public displays of affection (PDA).

Not only can PDA make your coworkers feel uncomfortable, but it can also make them feel like your relationship is more important than the job at hand. Don’t let your coworkers get annoyed with your relationship. Whether you’re at the office or a work event, leave the PDA at home!

2. Never Say “We”

Never use the word “we” when you’re at work or work related events. Unless you and your partner work on the same team and are talking about work, there’s no legitimate reason for you to say “we” at work. Plain and simple, you were both individuals when you started that job and you need to keep it that way!

3. Don’t Talk About Your Relationship

As happy as you are about your relationship with your coworker, you don’t need to share the details of your personal life at work. Gabbing about dating your coworker can actually back fire on you. What if someone spreads the information you shared? Are you okay with everyone in the office knowing, including your managers or boss? Maybe not.

But, sometimes, things that we would like kept confidential somehow become office chatter. So, keep your personal life personal and don’t talk about your relationship with other coworkers.

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4. Never Act Jealous

You should never act jealous or possessive of your boyfriend or girlfriend at work. Well, you shouldn’t do this outside of work either, but that’s a totally different topic.

Behaving in a jealous or possessive manner over the time your partner is spending with another coworker at work is not okay. Not only is this childish and immature, but it could also put a bad taste in your coworker’s mouth. The last thing you want to do is let your office romance affect how your coworkers perceive you.

5. Never Ask A Coworker To Switch Seats

Never ask a coworker to move or switch seats so you can sit next to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Not only is this awkward, but there’s absolutely no place for this kind of behavior in the workplace.

If seats are first come, first served, then you have no right to ask your coworker to change seats. Which brings me to my next point…

6. Never Sit Together

Never sit together during meetings, presentations, or the like. As much as you may hate this rule, you really need to have 100% of your attention on your job and it’s too easy to get distracted when you’re sitting next to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Also, you don’t want your managers or bosses seeing your relationship affect your attention and work ethic. When it’s time for a meeting or even lunch, sit where you sat before your relationship started.

7. Stay Neutral

If your boyfriend or girlfriend does something egregious at work, it’s probably best that you don’t try to come to his or her rescue. Of course, you’ll want to come to your lover’s defense when they do something wrong at work, but you definitely don’t want to look like you were a part of something that caused a serious problem for the company if you weren’t. You could ultimately put your own job at risk just for trying to be a good girlfriend or boyfriend in the workplace.

You also don’t want your managers or boss thinking that your relationship has compromised your better judgment. So, let your partner handle his or her own problems at work.

8. If You Break Up, Don’t Tell Your Coworkers Why The Relationship Ended

If you tell your coworkers why the relationship ended, you may end up putting them in an awkward position. What if the relationship doesn’t end well and you expect your coworkers to treat your ex differently because of his or her behavior in the relationship? What if your coworker actually does treat your ex differently and it negatively affects the work environment?

Either way, this creates unnecessary drama at your job, which is why you need to keep your break up out of the office. If you let your coworkers in the loop of your relationship, when it ends, they’re going to want to know why. So, if you don’t want to have to explain to the office why the relationship ended, don’t talk about it in the first place. That’s what friends and family are for!

If you’re going to engage in an office romance, make sure you have a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend about maintaining a professional relationship at work.