The SW Experts | A Cheat’s Guide to Chatting up Guys for Shy Girls
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Cheat’s Guide to Chatting up Guys for Shy Girls

A Cheat’s Guide to Chatting up Guys for Shy Girls

Cheat’s Guide to Chatting up Guys for Shy Girls

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday and with it, came the realisation that if I wanted to change my singleton status quo, I needed to get out of my head and actually talk to guys.

Setting a new challenge for myself, I was determined to talk to at least one new guy at every event I attended or restaurant I was eating at.

For an extroverted introvert like me, this was a bit daunting but did my best Barney Stinson Challenge Accepted! impression and put my new attitude to the test for one week.

Sharing is caring, of course, so here is a cheat’s guide to chatting up guys for shy girls:


1.      Compliment him:

My best friend had been admiring a guy’s dreadlocks from across a room at a party we were at.

When, later in the evening, we found ourselves standing next to the guy, I saw my opportunity and opened up with: “Cool dreadlocks! My friend and I have been admiring them all night!”

The guy smiled and thanked me and from there conversation sprung naturally. It went so well, in fact, we ended up talking for quite some while and taking photos together …score!


2.      Be bold:

I’m not often very bold but as I’ve said, this milestone birthday has helped me lower my inhibitions quite a bit so when another of my friends and I were at a pub recently and a bachelor’s party was living it up at the venue, I decided to jump in head first.

The bridegroom was collecting money in exchange for favours. When he asked what I wanted as a trade-off for my few cents, I cheekily replied: “The mobile number of your very hot friend over there!”

Both of them laughed out loud but were equally impressed by my boldness. A number was rattled off quickly, so yay, success!

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3.      Choose your moment wisely:

You know that scene in every romantic comedy where the geeky girl tries to chat to the object of their affection in the middle of the popular group and gets ragged on, following a super awkward silence?

Yeah, you don’t want to be that girl! Wait for a lull in the conversation and try to get your guy a little separated from the group, where he is more likely not to feel peer pressure and make a fool of himself and/or you.

I know approaching guys can be daunting but nothing ventured, nothing gained right? And if nothing else, it gives you great insight into how guys usually feel when they need to approach us!

Be bold, be brave and above all, have fun!