The SW Experts | A Sneak Peek of One of the Historic Strip Clubs in London
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A Sneak Peek of One of the Historic Strip Clubs in London


Windmill International is one of the best venues in London that provides regular adult entertainment by the form of erotic striptease and other erotic dances. It’s a strip club in London that showcases lap dances and pole dancing done by stunning, gorgeous and sexy girls with opulence and style on a spectacular floor. It’s one of the world’s most prominent gentlemen’s strip clubs one can find in London.

Incredible Night at the Windmill

This famous strip club adopts a bar and nightclub style and sometimes adopts a cabaret or theater-style. If you happen to visit London alone, for a business trip or other matters, find time to check out Windmill International’s erotic shows. The strip club is not a private club but it’s a perfect getaway for private people. It has been running since the ‘80s and continues the concept of tableside dancing until today.

As a premiere strip club located in London, it has been enlivening and changing the face of London’s nightlife forever. This immensely popular strip club offers unimaginable sophistication and luxury, serving the finest wines and food. It’s filled with sumptuous, deep, and dark velvet fabrics lining the walls, intimate booths and private rooms that create the warmest setting, filling the air with opulence.

The Windmill GirlsStrip Club

On top of Windmill International’s immense reputation are its enchanting beautiful girls from across the world that will entertain and dance to give you the best experience. This strip club has been the longest running in London and the first to have a theatre that features full nude stage performers and dancers.

It has been a UK landmark as it astounds its visitors with a full strip club experience all night long. Visiting the Windmill will surely make your night exciting with all the Windmill girls mesmerizing you with erotic dances. You can watch them as they perform the most alluring and enticing shows you’ll ever witness. The Windmill girls are very popular around the world for being the most alluring and stunning showgirls and dancers.

The Best Dance Shows to Keep your Night Alive

Experience the best dances shows from the most iconic and historic strip club in London. The iconic theatre of Windmill International allows you to relax with a drink in your hand, watching breath-taking shows. This is the best place where you can perfectly spend a wonderful evening. It’s an even better place to celebrate a special gentlemen’s occasion! Whether it’s a stag party, birthday party or a corporate event, the Windmill is an experience you’ve never had before.

With private booths, non-stop shows on stage and seductive performances, you can surely relish the sight of the most alluring girls while enjoying your mouth-watering foods and drinks.

The club is open during Mondays to Saturdays, from 9PM until 5:30AM. If you’re coming to check out and visit what this strip club in London soon, you might want to read their FAQs and brochure at for more details about their events.