The SW Experts | Awkward… First Date Fails And How To Avoid Them
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Awkward… First Date Fails And How To Avoid Them

Tia Nicole - first date fails and how to avoid them

You’ve survived a difficult break-up, and now you’re back on the dating scene. Finally your “I’m single and ready to mingle” game face is on! You’ve heard countless stories from your friends about their dates from hell. Let’s face it you only get one chance for a second date. Here are the top 6 first date fails and how to avoid them!

You’re running late!

Actually, you’re extremely late! You’re completely rushing because you’ve mismanaged your time by staying on Twitter way too long, and now you have to scurry to get there on time. Traffic sucks! We all have these problems, but no one wants to hear the lame excuse “I was stuck in traffic”. Listen, first impressions are everything. What do you think you’re telling your date by running late? If you want to score a second date, some “nookie”, or a potential relationship avoid being late! Set your alarm ahead of time. Program your Tivo or DVR to record the rest of your show and move right along! You never know you could be going on a date with Cinderella, so don’t be late!

It’s a blind date and you don’t like what you see!

So your friend has this bright idea to set you up with one of their co-workers. You trust your friend and have completely opted out of spying on your blind dates Facebook page beforehand. You arrive at the restaurant and notice you’re now sitting across the table from Shrek! Now some may argue that physical attraction isn’t the most important element when it comes to a long-lasting relationship. I’m here to tell you it’s an essential and very important element initially! It’s perfectly fine if you’re not one who tends to find beauty in every person you meet. Gracefully bow out of the date. Nicely apologize and leave a tip for the waiter. Don’t waste your time if you don’t feel a tingly sensation coming from your genitals. No one wants to wake up to Shrek for the rest of their lives.

Wardrobe malfunction!

It’s very important to look your best when meeting a potential Mr. or Mrs. Right. Ladies, you can be both sexy and classy at the same time. I would advise you to stay away from placing the “twins” on display. If you can’t resist the urge it’s ok if you find a blouse that lets them play “peek-a-boo” or “hide and seek”. Try to avoid any slippage. Gents, all shirts aren’t created equal if you want to show off your muscles great, but make sure it fits. No “Smediums” please!

Boring conversation!

You’ve reached the point of no return, and you keep asking questions that were previously answered. You’re not listening because you’re not being stimulated. At this point don’t start to blabber about yourself. You can either change the scenery fast or end the date. If you change the atmosphere (go for a walk) a new topic may arise. If it doesn’t you two don’t have enough in common. Cut your losses and move on.

You drank way too much!

I get it! You’re nervous, excited, and well it’s Friday! No! Stop there! Drinking way too much on a first date is a disaster waiting to happen. You may end up saying and/or doing something you’ll regret. It’s perfectly fine to have a glass of wine or a beer to take the nervous edge off, but please don’t get carried away and binge drink just because you can Uber. Do yourself a favor and say no to alcohol this time. Too many mishaps can occur!

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Your credit card gets denied!

If you agree to pay for the date or at least your half make sure you have enough to cover the tab. Who enjoys being stuck with an unexpected bill? Some women will always expect a man to pay. Meanwhile other women don’t mind going dutch. You have to be prepared for both types on a first date (ladies you too). Your card being denied for any reason other than technical issues will tell your date a lot about you. Don’t go to an extravagant restaurant with Starbucks money. Get creative. Set up a picnic instead.
Some of us had to fail, so you don’t have to!

Best of luck,
Tia Nicole