The SW Experts | Become a Sex Toy Tester
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Become a Sex Toy Tester

become a sex toy tester

Who Said You Can’t Mix Business & Pleasure?

Sometimes you can feel as if you’ve hit a dead end in your career. If you’re stuck on what to do next, then may we suggest something a little unorthodox? We think that you should give being a sex toy tester a go. There, that’s caught your attention hasn’t it? It’s a job that’s gained both popularity and a fair bit of publicity over the last few years, and there’s never a better time to get into it than now. So what does the job involve, and why should you consider it?

What the job involves

As far as a job description goes – well, the job title speaks for itself really! You’ll test out sex toys for companies, often ones that are in the final stages of development before they hit the shelves. Using your feedback, the manufacturer will make any adjustments that are needed to the toy. In return, you get to have orgasms all day and get paid for it! Okay, so there are other aspects to the job too, such as writing detailed feedback. Still, we’re not going to complain about the orgasms. It almost sounds too good to be true!

Women who’ve made a career out of it

Kathleen Howden is one of the lucky women who get to call themselves a sex toy tester. Working for an adult retailing giant, she tests out at least two products a week for her employer. After she’s done that, she posts reviews of the toys online. She also tries to recruit as many new toy testers as possible too – something she says generates a huge amount of interest.

Kathleen isn’t alone either. Bloggers such as Cara Sutra also test out toys as part of their day job – and post detailed reviews for their followers to read. Companies will send bloggers like Cara toys for free in exchange for honest feedback. All of this, positive or negative, is taken on board. In these kind of situations, everyone’s a winner. The retailer gets their product out there, the tester has the time of their life and potential buyers are informed and in the know.

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It’ll benefit your own sex life too

Of course, your own love life isn’t exactly going to suffer. By testing out lots of different toys, you’ll become more in tune with your body and discover what makes you tick. If you bring home some sex toys designed for couples, you can always test them out with the help of your partner as well! If you are feeling really adventurous, you could invite some special company to come and play with you – two opinions are always better than one!

Being a sex toy tester will do wonders for your confidence, as you’ll feel more able to talk about sex and be assertive in the bedroom.

Could this be your dream job?

We understand that it’s not a career that’s going to suit everyone. If you’re confident, curious and passionate about customer satisfaction though, it could be the ideal job for you. Your feedback will help manufacturers to develop the best adult sex toys they can for the public, so it’s not just you that’s going to be having a great time. So why not give it a go? It’s certainly a little more exciting than a nine to five desk job. Plus, when your friend talks about her amazing new vibrator, you can tell her that it’s all thanks to you!