The SW Experts | Become a Successful Seducer in 6 Steps
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Become a Successful Seducer in 6 Steps

Successful Seducer

How do you become a successful seducer? I wish I could answer you this question in one sentence. If I did tell you that all you have to do is to approach women, I would be disregarding all the important aspects before you approach a woman and all the important steps after you have approached her.

I know that a lot of coaches in the pick-up industry try to sell you the idea that all you have to do in order to become the most successful seducer that has ever wandered on this earth is to remember a certain pick-up line andBecome a Successful Seducer boom…naked women will fall from the sky.

Doesn’t that sound a little bit too good to be true? Yes, because it is too good to be true. Remembering a certain line or telling a certain story will never give you the success with women that you truly want.

You won’t become a successful seducer by simply focusing on one aspect. Seduction is a holistic process and there are a lot of variables that have an impact on your success with women. It is a long process from the first “hi” to “that was the best sex I ever had” and this process requires learning and development in different areas.

What if you have never approached a woman and are about to embark on your journey towards becoming a successful seducer? What if you have been “doing pick up” for a few years but you haven’t gotten the success that you want?

Because I want you to become an excellent seducer instead of an average guy who hits on ladies from time to time, I want to share the top 6 tips that with you, that will help you to skyrocket your seduction success within the next days.

No tricks, no sleazy techniques. All I want to offer you is some food for thought that makes your love life a lot easier. No matter if you never approached a girl before or if you get ten phone numbers a day. I guarantee you that you will become a better seducer, once you implemented the following tips.

Become a Successful Seducer in 6 Steps

1. Love Women

It might sound cheesy or gay for you when I say that but I’ll say it anyway. In order to become a truly successful seducer you have to love women. Thereby, I don’t mean that you have to marry the first girl that you meet and promise her to never touch another woman again. That’s Hollywood’s definition of love, which has absolutely nothing to do with real love.

I travel the world in search of the most beautiful women and I don’t plan on living in a monogamous relationship like society wants me to. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love women. The truth is that I adore them and that’s exactly why they love to spend time inside and outside the bedroom with me.

There is nothing wrong with wanting group orgies and multiple girlfriends. When a woman feels that you love her, she will give you what you desire. Women love sex and the only thing that women love more than sex is experiencing it with a man who loves them for who they are.

There are just a few men out there who understood the concept of loving women and who don’t confuse it with the idealistic and moral idea of love that our society has. As soon as a woman feels that you are such a man and that she can live out her fantasies with you, because you love her and don’t judge her for being the sexual creature that she is, she will automatically want to share amazing sexual experiences with you.

2. Be Direct

A lot of guys want to know what the best direct openers are. They want me to tell them a few lines, which they can say to a girl they are attracted to. This makes them think that they are doing direct game.

Sorry, but if you think that this is the right way you misunderstood the concept. Of course I don’t deny that it is good to have some support wheels at the beginning but being direct is an attitude and has nothing to do with the words you say.

The words you say are only a reflection of your core beliefs and values. The easiest and fastest way to seduce women is by becoming a man who is convinced that he deserves to directly communicate his beliefs and thoughts. This includes telling your boss that you want a pay rise, telling your annoying colleague to shut up and telling a beautiful woman that she looks absolutely amazing.

As soon as you develop this direct attitude you will not only be able to communicate your sexual interests to the women you want to date, you will also become a self-confident man who projects his sexual intent whenever he speaks to a woman. With this attitude women will be wax in your hands.

3. Conversation Style

What’s the typical conversation style of most guys? Logical and straight to the point. If you talk like that to a girl, you don’t have to wonder why she doesn’t throw her number and her bra at you. Men talk in facts and numbers, whereas women talk in emotions.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys ignore the fact that women are not robots. As soon as they approach a woman they start to ask them where they are from, where they work and how long they’ve worked for the same company.

This is great if you want to know her CV but not if you want to seduce her. No woman gets in a sexual state by telling you that she works as a financial advisor in a small company outside the city center.

What if you talk about her passions, her dreams and her happiest moments in life? In this case the chances are high that she will link those emotions to the conversation she had with you, which will motivate her immensely to give you her number.

4. Stop Watching Porn

Do you watch a lot of porn? Come on, be honest. Nearly every man does it. I know that it feels good to jerk off while you are watching how a girl with an insanely hot body gets fucked but nevertheless, you are supporting your own failure by doing this.

I don’t say that watching porn is morally bad. I am the last person on earth that deserves to be described as a moralizer. However, I know from my own experience and from men who I convinced to stop watching porn, that pornography can do a lot of harm when it comes to seducing women.

Pornography desensitizes your brain and your dick. Normal women are suddenly not attractive anymore and your motivation to approach them disappears. That’s by far not all. Too much porn tricks your brain into thinking that this is sex. As a result of this you might not get it up once you have the chance to experience real sex with a woman.

Quit jerking off to women on screens and start seducing women in real life.

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5. Know What You Want

Do you know what you want? I know that you want to become a successful seducer and that you want to approach a lot of women, but what is it that you really hope to achieve by doing this?

One of the best ways to fail is to have absolutely no clear goals or to have goals that are not in alignment with what you really want. If you go out every night and hunt drunken party girls in night clubs because some PUA has told you that you are only a man if you have at least ten one night stands, you should ask yourself if that’s really what you want.

Maybe you don’t want to go to clubs and party girls are the last thing that you want to deal with. I personally hate party girls and it is also no secret that I don’t drink any alcohol. In case you are like me, hunting girls in night clubs is a waste of time.

In this case you should rather focus on daygame, where the possibility to find interesting women who aren’t drunk all time is much higher. You have to know what kind of girls you want before you go out and approach women.

Otherwise you run after chicks that are anything but good for you, without ever thinking about why you do it in the first place.

6. Develop Sexual Confidence

Are you a sexually confident guy? I don’t want to know if you watch a lot of porn or if you are horny all the time. What I want to find out with this question is whether or not you are okay with the fact that you have two balls and a dick.

We live in a day and age in which men are labeled as rapists and perverts as soon as they mention that they want to have sex with women. It is no wonder that so many men run around with sexual guilt and sexual fears.

However, if you want to become a successful seducer you have to come clean with your sexuality. Leave all the guilt and the conditioned beliefs about sexuality behind you and embrace the fact that you are a man.

Leading feminists won’t ever admit it but women are instinctively attracted to men who are sexually confident and who communicate to them that having sex with them will be an exciting and satisfying experience