The SW Experts | Is Being Exclusive After 3 Weeks Reasonable?
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Is Being Exclusive After 3 Weeks Reasonable?

One of our readers Jim wants to know…

I’ve been dating Laura for 3 weeks, and I really like her. I know it hasn’t been long, but I can see us together long-term. Should I turn off my dating profile?

Is Being Exclusive After 3 Weeks Reasonable?

exclusive If you want to stop dating around after 3 weeks of knowing someone, I’m going to caution you to look at the relationship potential, as well as the reasons behind why you want to be exclusive so soon.

Can you see yourselves together long term? Why? Until you’ve had a first fight, met a few of each other’s friends, and overall really become more involved in someone else’s lives, it’s hard to know what a person is really like.

I know that the saying goes, “when you know, you know” but to be realistic, our standards of what it means to find a partner long term have changed. It isn’t about finding a wife to cook you dinner and mind the kids while you go to work. Modern relationships are about partnership. Therefore, you have to date to find a partner, and that takes time and energy. If you’re both interested in pursuing your relationship exclusively, I’ll say this: you can both hide your profiles temporarily without taking them down completely. That can give you a chance to get to know each other more, without the concern of one person still meeting other people for dates.

Most importantly: go with the flow. Don’t force anything and let the relationship progress naturally. If you do that with immense open communication, you’ll have a much greater chance for success.