The SW Experts | How To Make Sure You Have The Best First Date Ever
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How To Make Sure You Have The Best First Date Ever

how to have the best first day ever

Ah, first dates. Some are painful, some are wonderful but most are somewhere in between. We all want to be able to have a memorable and successful first date, after all, we’ve gone to the effort to secure a date so why not make it the very best that you can. With just a few pointers, I tell you how to make sure you have the best first date ever.

Tips for The Best First Date Ever:

First DateYour mood

Feeling tired, grumpy, pissed off about a previous date? Then do not, for heaven’s sake, go on a date. Do yourself a favour and make sure you have let go of any previous grievances. First dates need to be light and full of positivity. Any sign of a negative mood and that will affect your first date chance of success.

Fun and more fun

First dates can be fun with a little imagination. Try to steer away from dull coffee dates or intense dinners. Find out what your date enjoys doing for fun and build that into your date. Be creative and imaginative. It gives you a chance to talk about other things other than ‘Where did you go to school?’


If you are brave enough and you already know your date via friends or work, why not surprise him or her? Suggest a time and a place where to meet. Keeping your date in suspense will build an air of mystery and intrigue. Hopefully, the surprise will go down well.

Man Up!

One thing I hear about a lot is women wanting a guy to be more forward and taking charge. If you are the guy, you are going to have to step up to the challenge of ensuring you have organised the date, you take the lead in decision making and you plant the first kiss at the end of the night! A confident, self-assured man will ensure there is a second date after the first.

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Flirty, witty banter

Get your date excited with funny, witty banter. Keep the flow of the conversation going and don’t break it up by talking about favourite films – ┬áthat can come later. Having the same sense of humour is essential and you need to discover this early on. Try watching some live comedy to see whether you match in the humour department.

Be open and easy-going

For both individuals to have a great date, they both need to be open-minded and easy-going. If things do not go to plan, it’s best to chill out about it and just move on. If you display any sign of frustration or indignation, the date is likely to go down the pan.

I hope you can take something from this blog to ensure that your first date goes with a bang, I’d love to hear about it.