The SW Experts | Breaking Up Before or After the Holidays; Which is Best?
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Breaking Up Before or After the Holidays; Which is Best?

Question to our Ask the Experts page from reader Becky…

Hi! I’m wondering if I should breakup with the guy I’ve been dating for a couple of months if I don’t think we’re going to be together after the New Year? Honestly, I know it sounds bad, but I’m going to break up with him after New Years. I don’t really want to be alone for the holidays, but I don’t want to lead him on, nor do I want to break his heart during this already stressful time of year. Please help!

Breaking Up Before or After the Holidays; Which is Best?

Hi Becky,

breaking up before or after the holidaysThat is a difficult situation. I understand that you’d want to do the right thing, and it sounds like you’re trying to be selfless and think of what’s best for him throughout all this. Breaking up with someone is never easy, no matter what side of it you’re on. The thing to keep in mind is that no matter when you decide to end it, it will be difficult. Doing it sooner rather than later is probably best. You haven’t been together that long in the grand scheme of things, so you might as well avoid sharing the holidays if you can. He might pick up on you pulling away, or not being completely invested over the next few weeks. Besides, the holidays are a time of meeting family, friends, and neither one of you need to participate in any of that if you know it’s not going to last. Do the right thing by ending it now, as difficult as that will be, it will be better for both of you in the long run. That way, when you celebrate New Years, you know you’re going into it with a fresh start. Good luck, and thank you for your question!

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