The SW Experts | Britain’s Naughty Secrets: The Most Popular Fetishes Across the UK
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Britain’s Naughty Secrets: The Most Popular Fetishes Across the UK

Britains Naughty Secrets

The Kinks the British Can’t Get Enough Of

If you think that our little country plays it safe in the bedroom, then you couldn’t be more mistaken.

You may think that the British are a prim and proper bunch but behind closed doors it couldn’t be more different. When it comes to our sex lives, us Brits are a kinky bunch – with almost every single one of us having a favourite sexual fetish that we like to indulge in. So what are the most popular ones out there? Well, we’ve done a little digging and found out what the people of this great nation are into when it comes to sex. Forget prudish, it seems like we just can’t get enough!


One of the most popular fetishes in the world, the fixation on feet has long been a popular fetish across the UK. Some people love having their feet stimulated so much they can orgasm from that alone, so it’s clearly popular for a reason! Foot play can include the soles, toes and just about anywhere else, and the licking, sucking, massaging and tickling of those. Feet are a highly sensitive erogenous zone, so that sounds good to us!


We all know that ladies are the fairer sex – but there are some out there that love to be completely dominated by a woman. Dominatrixes, humilatrixes and mistresses are women who love to control and punish men for the mutual satisfaction it brings both parties. Their ‘slaves’ adore being told how to behave and love the punishment that comes with bad behaviour even more! Whipping, role play and bondage are some of the things that mistresses and their slaves like to indulge in.

Dressing up

Dressing up is a great way of spicing up your sex life, and for some, a lovemaking session just wouldn’t be complete without it! From naughty schoolgirls begging to be taught a lesson, to saucy French maids bending over to do the dusting, dressing up often ties in with role play and sexual fantasy – perfect for those with a vivid imagination!


Often thought of as the pastime of bored suburban couples, swinging is enjoying a bit of a comeback! Forget car keys in a bowl and crossing your fingers that you don’t end up with Brian next door – swinging nights are popping up all over the UK. Taking place in luxury locations, these are a safe way of enjoying swapping partners, whether it’s in groups or one on one.


The final fetish on our list is certainly an old favourite. BDSM includes bondage, whipping, leather and pain play and often ties in with another fetish on our list: domination. People enjoy BDSM because it pushes them to otherwise unknown limits, and allows them to experiment with different sensations like being restrained and flogged.

A nation of kinksters

So there you have it, the most popular fetishes in the UK! Our love for kinky sex doesn’t there though, as there are many more weird and wonderful fetishes out there. One thing is for certain, the people of the UK are certainly not that repressed when it comes to sex. So rather than no sex please, we’re British, it’s a case of the kinkier the better!