The SW Experts | Can I Call Him First or Wait for Him to Call Me
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Can I Call Him First or Wait for Him to Call Me

Lisa, an experienced dater has written us asking…

Why is that there are so many rules when it comes to dating? I’m not interested in dating a guy who plays by the “wait three dates to call” rule. If I like a guy, and want to talk to him, I call. But that seems to be putting some guys off, as if it’s too much pressure. Should I hold off and just wait around for them?

call him firstCan I call him first, or do I have to wait for him to call me?

If you want to call, do it! The best relationships progress when the antiquated  “rules” about dating get tossed out the window, and you do what you want.

If he doesn’t call you back, you’ll move on quicker to the next guy. If he does, you’ll know he’s interested too.

The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. When you finally allow yourself to relax and enjoy the experience, you let him get to know the real you that isn’t afraid to hold his hand walking down the street, text him good morning because you’re thinking about him, or ask him out because you want to see him again. If he’s the kind of guy you’d want to date for real, he’ll see you a confident, communicative, and capable woman who is genuinely interested in him. If he feels like you’re putting too much pressure on him, it sounds like he’s not worth your time anyway.

Let us know how it works out!