The SW Experts | Calling Your Crush? How To Ask Her On A Date And Get That Yes!
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Calling Your Crush? How To Ask Her On A Date And Get That Yes!

How to ask her on a date

We have so much new technology to deal with, but nothing beats the satisfaction of being a traditionalist. Asking someone out on Facebook is lamesauce, but calling up your crush can be pretty nervewracking. Risk not, want not, my friend. Although it might feel safer to use social media/texting/carrier pidgeon, you’re much more likely to get a big fat yes if you ask out your special lady like a gentlemen. One of the unfortunate side effects of digital dating is a decline in chivalry. By employing a bit of old-fashioned charm, you’ll stand out as being one of a kind. So, how do you call up your crush and ask her out?

1) Stay Calm And Be Clear

Making the first move can be intense. Especially if you don’t know what to say. We all suffer from getting tongue-tied from time to time. But nothing will throw you off your game than stuttering out an invitation to dinner. Take a deep breath and have a plan before you dial. Be absolutely clear with your intentions. If you want to invite her on a fancy dinner date, don’t buckle under pressure and ask her to join a group pub quiz instead. Your best bet is to be clear as day and invite the girl to dinner. You’d be surprised at how seldom women are asked on a traditional date.

2) Be Positive

If your crush asks how you’re doing, don’t rant about shitty boss or how your dog crapped in your shoes. No matter how unlucky your day has been, keep things positive and upbeat. If you’ve met someone online and this is your only real life conversation, make a good first impression. Try to keep your voice relaxed and speak slowly. It can be challenging to steady your nerves, so feel free to rehearse beforehand! Just don’t over do it. Aim to keep the conversation casual and carefree.

3) Keep It Short

It’s exciting to get that special someone on the phone. You might wonder how to keep the conversation going. Don’t force it. Even if you have crazy chemistry and get swept up in a subject – keep it swift. Save the chatterboxing for the first date! Keep her wanting more. If you talk too much, you might accidentally put your foot in your mouth. It’s easy to recover from a bad joke or negative comment in person, but it’s harder to express your real intentions over the phone. Keep it sweet and short.

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4) Be Polite

Manners are underappreciated. You should always embrace phone etiquette when asking someone out. Call at a normal time i.e. not when you’ve stumbled home shitfaced from the pub. Don’t say ‘thank you’ if they accept your dinner invitation. It looks needy. Stick with something along the lines of ‘Sounds awesome – I’m really looking forward to it.’ Be polite and enthusiastic without coming across as desperate.

6) Accept Rejection Gracefully

When navigating the choppy waters of dating, rejection is part of the process. Rejection is actually a positive because it means you’re putting yourself out there! Still, it can be a real bummer to get shot down by cupid. If the object of your affection declines your invitation, don’t be rude or demand an explanation. Simply accept their answer, wish them well and bid them adieu! Don’t over analyze it once you hang up. Keep your chin up and move onto the next one!

7) Keep A Pen And Paper Close By

If you get a ‘yes,’ you might be so overwhelmed with excitement that you forget the plans you made! It would be pretty embarrassing to have to call them back and reconfirm. Or worse yet, miss the date because you had the wrong time or place! Before you hang up, quickly confirm the details. Once you have it all written out, commence the victory dance across the kitchen! You did it!