The SW Experts | Can You Not? 12 Things Men Do That Slam The Brakes On A Second Date
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Can You Not? 12 Things Men Do That Slam The Brakes On A Second Date


1. Being Rude To The Waiter Is A Dealbreaker

You should never be rude to your waiter. But if you do it on a first date, it’s likely to get you blocked from the second one. You can tell a lot about a person based on how they treat others. Being rude to your waiter is a definite turn off. And on that note, don’t forget to tip!

2. Bad Hygiene

If you’re planning to go out on a date, the very least you can do is shower and brush your teeth. Don’t douse yourself in cologne to cover up a funky locker room musk!

3. Talk About Commitment Issues

Are you stuck in the 80s? This is the digital age, everybody has commitment issues. It’s collateral damage from having endless choices. It’s also a major red flag that you’re a player. Which is totally cool, but you’ll get a lot further by being a man about it and calling it how it is, rather than inventing a fake psychological defect.

4. Don’t Call Her Baby

Calling her ‘babe’ on a first date is way too familiar. ‘Chick’ is another word to remove from your lexicon. Save the pet names for your pooch.

5. Bragging Rights

It’s a bad idea to start flashing a wad of money around on a first date. Of course, some girls are looking for a guy with money. If you make a big scene revealing a Rolex, how can you be sure that’s not the only thing she’s interested in? Other girls are grossed out by being too liberal with the dollar bills. If you want a hooker, go to a whorehouse. Don’t brag about all the stuff you have. Nobody cares.

6. Avoid Talking About Work

Nobody wants to hear a detailed breakdown of your resume on a first date. Don’t have a job? for some women, that could be a deal breaker too. Keep work talk to the minimum if you’re uncertain.

7. The Wandering Eye

If you’re looking to exit your date ASAP, flirt with your waitress. It’s a surefire way to never get past an awkward first dinner. Almost everything else can be overlooked in the right circumstances, but this is not one of them!

8. Check Your Phone Constantly

Those text messages can wait until later. Don’t spend the whole night on your phone.

9. Eating Off Her Plate

“Are you going to eat that?” Back away from the plate! Never come between a girl and her fries. Ever.

10. Get Wasted

If you stumble into a restaurant, three sheets to the wind, and order a round of tequila shots, you’re likely to freak your date out. Throwing up over her shoes? So not a good look.

11. Bring Up The Ex

The kiss of death to any young romance. There are a bunch of people to air your ex-issues with. A first date is not one of them. Don’t do it.

12. Me, Me, Me

How long have you been telling that awesome college story? Uh, twenty minutes ago actually. Her eyes are burning with a deep desire to leave and never return. It’s a good rule of thumb to ask plenty of questions about her. If you just sit and talk about your unfinished novel for two hours, she’s probably going to avoid date number two like the black plague.


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The Caveat: Wait a minute! So you happen to be a jobless, drunk, aspiring novelist who loves to talk? You know you’re not going to change. Should you put on your good graces until a later date, or are you doomed to be alone forever? Just remember, when you meet the right girl, it should be almost impossible to faze her with your behaviour. That’s when you know you’ve found someone special. The right girl will take you as you are. Think of your bad traits as a way to weed out the wrong ones quickly! But it doesn’t hurt to be yourself in moderation, until she’s more comfortable spending time with you. The second date, for example!