The SW Experts | 3 Reasons You Should Cancel An Upcoming Date
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3 Reasons You Should Cancel An Upcoming Date

Cancel An Upcoming Date

All an early date should be is a casual get-to-know-you session, but sometimes we’re in a place where we are unable to let go and have fun on a date. Whether it’s because we are still mourning the loss of another relationship or we’re simply not open to meeting and connecting with someone new, there are times when it might be best to avoid dating. These are times when going on dates might do more harm than good. I don’t like to encourage singles to cancel dates, but here are a few scenarios where canceling might be the best option.

3 Reasons You Should Cancel An Upcoming Date

1. You’re not at all excited about your date

If you have extreme feelings of dread or annoyance when thinking about an upcoming date, it may be best to cancel the date. You’d be doing both you and your date a favor. Seriously. Your 3 Reasons You Should Cancel An Upcoming Datedate should be a fun lighthearted experience that you should be looking forward to. Dating should be fun! If this is not the case, it’s best to avoid the date altogether. Nobody wants to go out with someone who acts like they’d rather be anywhere else than with them. You should be excited about getting to know the person that you are spending time with. If you aren’t excited, it’s best not to waste their time or yours!

2. You have already convinced yourself that it’s not going to be a match

If you’ve already told yourself that your date is not going to like you, will not find you attractive or you won’t have anything in common with you, it might be best to cancel. Going into a date with a bad attitude is not going to get you a second date. All you’re going to get is an annoyed person sitting across the dinner table from you and a feeling of awkwardness when you realize that going ahead with this date was a bad idea given your current pessimistic state of mind. Unless you are going to be open to the possibility that your date might find you interesting and even highly attractive, you might want to postpone until you’re in a more positive place.

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3. You aren’t over your ex

We’re not talking about not being over a fling or something that was short-term, we’re talking about still pining for an ex that you dated for a while that you had deep feelings for. It takes a decent amount of time to heal from a long-term relationship and if you haven’t properly healed, you won’t truly be open to dating someone new. Besides that, you’ll probably end up talking about your ex on your date, which is never a good thing! Nobody wants to hear about how he or she screwed you over and all the drama that goes with that. It will be blatantly obvious that you still have feelings for your past partner, which will undoubtedly be a huge turn off to the person you’re supposed to be having a lovely evening with.

Just the thought of going on a date with someone new should light you up! If you don’t feel energetically excited about what should be ‘a fun time with someone new’….do what you can to politely decline, reschedule, or cancel your planned date. Saying something like, “This isn’t a great time for me. I’d like to go out with you when I’m more open to the possibilities,” is a great general way to give your date a general explanation as to why you’re cancelling without too many specific details. Your date may be disappointed that you are cancelling, but ultimately backing out gracefully is more respectful plus you’ll avoid a potentially uncomfortable, cringe-worthy, hellish date night scenario!