The SW Experts | 5 Reasons You Can’t Find a Suitable Relationship
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can't find a suitable relationship

5 Reasons You Can’t Find a Suitable Relationship

can't find a suitable date

Recently, I asked a group of people why they believe they cannot find the perfect person for them.  Perhaps you’re trying too hard, maybe you don’t even know what kind of person you want, or instead of focusing on finding a suitable relationship, you’ve been career driven for the past five years. These are the most popular responses I received.  Here are

5 Reasons you Can’t Find a Suitable Relationship:

1. Your standards are too high.

Most people think they can’t find someone because what they want in a mate doesn’t exist. But unless you are looking for a super model with the brain of Steven Hawking and the bank account of Bill Gates, your list may not be as unrealistic as you think.  The solution is to make sure your demands in a partner are reasonable, and not superficial.  Try and look for the qualities in a partner that are long-standing, such as honesty and a high level of commitment.  Focus less on qualities like brunette or tall.  When you meet the right person for you, you may be surprised at what actually attracts you to that person.

2. You are too busy.

can't find a suitable relationshipThis can be a major problem. You can’t find a suitable relationship if don’t have time to meet someone, or you don’t have time to go out with them. Why do you have to meet that partner now?  Sometimes we have to commit to our goals and dreams and after accomplishing these things we can seek love in others.  It’s totally okay to be committed only to yourself or your job for a while.

3. You are too shy.

Shy people need love too, and though society doesn’t make it easier for you to court (as in going up to someone in a bar) you should find better and more sound ways to meet a partner. If you can’t find a suitable relationship in a bar or a nightclub, try joining clubs or groups with people who have the same interest as you, this way you get to know them and you take the pressure off of having to get their phone numbers right away.

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4. The people you are interested in are not interested in you.

Stop and think why you are interested in others who are not available to you. Do you like the thrill of the chase? Or are you pining for something because you can’t have it.  No relationship can begin if the other person doesn’t want to commit to you, open you circle of people to find someone who wants you for you.

5. You don’t think you are attractive enough.

Not everyone looks like Giselle, and not everyone finds Giselle attractive. The most appealing quality in another person is confidence, not their good looks.  When you believe that you are worth more than your body or face, you allow other people to believe it as well.