The SW Experts | Choosing the Right Partners for Your Swinging Experience
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Choosing the Right Partners for Your Swinging Experience

So, you have decided to give swinging a go, discussed the whole process with your partner and now it is time to find the right individual, couple or group to swing with. There are a lot of options and ways to meet the perfect partner for your first swinging experience. The first step is being clear on what you actually want, whether it’s BBW swingers or would you prefer a stable married couple. When you have cleared that up, it is time to go through a selection process.

First, choose where you want to find your ideal partners

This is very important. There are a lot of quality dating sites for swingers where you can find just the right profile of partners you are looking for. However, sometimes even if the chemistry is present on paper, it is most certainly not there in real life. Differently put, someone might seem ideal on their online profile, but when you get to meet them, the sparA couple on a bed looking at a laptop and smilingk just isn’t there, so you might consider visiting some clubs frequented by swingers. That way you and your partner might meet the prospective couple or individual face to face, talk a bit and see whether or not there is a spark. It will make the whole process a bit more relaxed and spontaneous. Finally, you can ask around, and maybe get some recommendations from other couples who have been in the swinging game a bit longer.

Make sure you are on the same page

Swinging can mean different things for different people so you should definitely do your research before engaging the prospective swinging partners. One of the options is visiting different websites and forums dedicated to swinging so that you can find out how people approach this sex practice and what are some of the expectations. The online swinger community is a very open one, so feel free to ask anything you want that can help you understand the practice and yourself better. The next step includes having a conversation with a partner, or partners you choose for this experience. You need to set clear boundaries when it comes to what you and your partner are comfortable with, keep in mind that as you go through the experience. You can always renegotiate those boundaries later on depending on what you discover about yourself during this sex play.

Set your emotions aside

When choosing the right partners for a swinging experience, you should focus on purely physical attraction, as the whole interaction should be devoid of emotions. You love your partner and they are the ones with whom you have formed a strong emotional bond. Falling in love with someone you are swinging with defeats the purpose of this sex practice. This is why some couples set firm boundaries when it comes to kissing or cuddling, and limit the interactions to purely physical form. But if you have such emotional tendencies maybe you should reconsider this whole sex play, as it can have a negative effect on your current relationship or marriage.

You are now armed with all the necessary information when it comes to choosing the right swinging partners for you and your loved one. So take your time, explore all the options thoroughly and just enjoy the experience.