The SW Experts | Come Swim Along Side A Catfish
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Come Swim Along Side A Catfish

Plenty of Catfish - come swim along side a catfish

According to statistics, around 15 million people in the UK are registered to online dating sites and we are two of those people. Welcome to this world, the place where women are bombarded with being asked how they are or what they up to, and men are waiting for a one worded answer in a bottle. A place where cleavage and other body parts are exposed but are not allowed to be talked about, and topless selfies rain in abundance. Welcome, to online dating.

The two of us have been using online dating on and off for the last few years on a number of different sites and mobile apps including the classic Plenty of Fish, Badoo, Happn, Tinder, E-Harmony and Each site and app does have it’s own positives and negatives, but as a male, the experience remains the same. We are no Calvin Klein models, we class ourselves as ‘average’ males when it comes to looks, but everyone has different preferences. Obviously, how someone looks is important if you are going to date them, but our personal opinion is that yes there needs to be some attraction, but personality and other traits go a long way. For instance, you could have looks that bring the opposite sex to their knees begging for buttermilk, but have the IQ of a tickle me Elmo. This I’m sure will work for you if you’re after no strings attached type of agreement and also have the personality of a stuffed toy, but the majority of women from our experience want more than getting finger banged in the back of someones stereo on wheels. The point is, how you look DOES seem to be an important factor for the majority of people and this touches on the point of vanity and other similar problems with online dating, which we will get to in the future.

So after a few years of investing in many outgoing messages and seeing very little in return, all we could do was either accidentally kill ourselves through erotic asphyxiation or laugh about the whole situation. By a slim margin, we chose the latter, and decided to create a catfish account to experience online dating from the female perspective. We started by creating a very basic account with minimal information, not much of a bio or interest list etc, just the bare essentials. Don’t ask us where we got the images of our very attractive female (in our opinion) because we can’t remember ourselves. Within the first hour of releasing our catfish from its clear plastic bag into the wild testosterone infested waters, we received nearly 100 messages. We are now a month into this experience/experiment and in that opening hour we had more fun than we did in the entire time on our real accounts. This girl replies and she doesn’t hold back, as you can see if you ever view our twitter feed. So yes, in online dating it is fun for us being a woman, but we’re not ready to start cross dressing just yet.

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Our journey has already begun, and now it is your chance to hop on and ride along with us. In our coming articles and podcasts, we will go into detail on our findings, the laughs we’ve had, the comparisons between male and female dating online and more. Although comedy is an important ingredient in this situation, we are also using this as a social experiment to learn more about dating/online dating in our modern western society. Clip boards at the ready… lets do this.