The SW Experts | Comfort, Safety, & Consent: 15 Questions
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Comfort, Safety, & Consent: 15 Questions

15. Would you have any regrets after being intimate with your partner?


If after answering these questions, you still feel excited about the idea of getting it on with a new potential partner, you may be well on your way to intimate sexy times! Before you make a move (or consent to letting your partner make a move), here are a few things to remember…

*Pay attention to your potential partner’s behavior outside of the bedroom. Oftentimes a person’s respect level is consistent regardless of the situation ie. If someone’s a douchebag outside the bedroom, they will most likely be a douchebag in the bedroom.

*During both intimate moments and regular situations, it’s important to speak up if something feels wrong for you and only put yourself in situations where you feel a high level of comfort. This will help you to avoid awkward or potentially dangerous situations. Your partner is not a mindreader, so it’s important to be clear about what your boundaries are or/and tell your partner if a personal boundary has been crossed, so that he or she knows what is okay or not okay for you. Show and tell your partner what works for you so you can feel more comfortable agreeing to consensual sexy times. If after discussing where your boundaries lie with your partner, he or she ignores them, do what you can to leave the situation safely.

*Make sure a friend or roommate knows where you’ll be and who you’re on a date with just in case something unexpected happens. You don’t want to be in a situation where no one knows where you are or who you’re with.

Avoid drama with a new potential partner by using these 15 questions to assess if he or she is a good fit for you. Once you’ve chosen a partner that makes you feel comfortable and safe, the consenting part becomes way easier. Not to mention, safety and consent makes every intimate scenario way sexier.

Hugs and sexy consensual love,
Erin ‘The Dating Advice Girl’ 🙂