The SW Experts | Common Sex Problems Couples Experience
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Common Sex Problems Couples Experience

Countless couples right now need help when it comes to sex. They end up drifting apart, start conflicts and their sex life suffers. Obviously, great sex is not something that fixes any problem but it is definitely a huge part of a loving and happy relationship. Having true pleasure when having sex always creates a very strong bond that couples want. With this in mind, here are the most common sex problems that couples experience. 

Lovemaking Frequency

There are numerous situations in which one of the partners does not like lovemaking frequency or even content. This usually leads to resentment and the disgruntled partner usually seeking out what he/she needs in the form of comfort coming from other people, like Usually, it is the man that is disgruntled but it is not a rule. In homosexual couples, oftentimes one partner wants a higher sex frequency. 


When a child is involved, many sex-related problems can appear. Even when looking at the feminist-informed marriages, mothers that are nursing end up being involved with the babies in different ways than fathers. Then, we have societal expectations leading to mothers spend much more time with children than fathers. 

The simple presence of a child in the life of a couple can lead to sexual problems. However, this does not mean sex needs to stop. The importance of communication is paramount in such a situation because the problems between the partners can easily translate into problems the child will have in the future. 

Lack Of Communication

Speaking about communication, a really common reason why sexual problems appear is that partners find it really difficult to talk about sex. Maybe they grew up in a family where this is a taboo subject or they feel shame when wanting something. 

Usually, when couples do not communicate about sex and about sexual desires, one of the partners ends up feeling rejected or betrayed. These are not feelings that you can easily get over. 

Lack Of Interest In Sex

A partner might end up not being interested in having sex. This robs the entire relationship of a quite vital adhesive. Studies showed that most couples tend to have around 500 hours of sex before they end up losing interest. When both of the partners lost interest in sex, it is really difficult to bring back the original flame. Solutions do exist but they are just simpler when just one of the partners lost interest. This is why such thoughts need to be discussed as soon as they appear. 


So many couples fall into a tough trap that is hard to get out of: comparing relationships. When you compare your relationship with that of someone else, eventually you will come up short. This is especially the case when you compare everything with couples that you see in TV series. 

Sex is something that is unique to those involved. It is meant to be enjoyed by both partners and needs to come naturally. Whenever bad feelings come in, they have to be discussed or they will just get worse and worse as time passes.