The SW Experts | Why You Should Consider a Museum Date
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why you should consider a museum date

Why You Should Consider a Museum Date

Visiting a museum is a fantastic date idea. You might be thinking, “but it’s so boring!” Or, “will I look like a dork if I suggest that?” Honestly, it’s not lame, or geeky! Besides, if you really want to impress a woman, you should break out your¬†intellectual side. She’ll like you a lot better if you do, which is exactly why you should consider a museum date. Let me tell you a few of the benefits you might not have considered.

Why You Should Consider a Museum Date:

What most people don’t realize is how romantic museums can be…

  • why you should consider a museum dateThere are unlimited and perfect hand-holding opportunities as you walk around.
  • Great conversation material is featured around every corner. You can say something like,”look at that amazing painting”, or “what do you think this artist was inspired by?” Those are just a few options.
  • Dark theaters with movies are in almost every big museum and are great places to sneak in a kiss.
  • Many museums have a cafe inside where you can take a break to talk over a warm drink.
  • There’s limited pressure on each other to be awesome, because the art itself is the entertainment.

Don’t just take my word for it. There’s a science, art, technology, history, and transportation museum (just to name a few) in almost every big city. Next weekend, when you’re looking for something fun to do, ask your date if they’d¬†like to to take a tour around one for fun. You might be surprised how fun it can be!