The SW Experts | Counting Backwards Forwardly
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Gifts are unwrapped, cookies are eaten and parties are over… almost.

Counting Backwards Forwardly


Gifts are unwrapped, cookies are eaten and parties are over… almost. There’s one remaining December event that can be problematic for those of us who find ourselves single and facing one of the biggest date nights of the year. A celebration that typically starts with dinner, followed by a display of the mathematical skill of counting backwards, and ending with a kiss that makes your knees buckle. New Year’s Eve can be difficult to face if the past year included a break-up.


How do we celebrate the New Year’s ball dropping when the shoe dropped on our relationship earlier in the year?

As kids, we would bang pans to ring in the new and scare away the old. My 20’s and 30’s were about the necessity of having the perfect New Year’s date- a cute provider of a kiss that would set the tone for the New Year. In my 40’s, I always thought it was a given that the one I’d been kissing all year would automatically be sharing that amazing first lip lock at Midnight. Now that I’m 50, it seems I’ve mastered the counting backwards part, but when it came to statistical theory I failed miserably with my projection of a forever love.

Thanks to wisdom, I’ve concluded that placing such emphasis on a kiss that lasts roughly 60 seconds to set the tone for the 31.54 million seconds in a year is simply not analytically sound. How can one minute dictate what 2016 has in store? Even if the kiss in question was epic, is it really worth the high level of importance placed on it?

I believe the answer is a resounding no.

In light of my revelation, I thought about what would set the tone for 2016. Can that kiss be replaced with an action plan to positively influence the New Year? The answer I came up with was to count backwards forwardly. As the ball drops and the countdown begins, think about the following actions that will set the direction to a great 2016:

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From live performances to fall festivals, participating in community activities will get you out of the house and out of your head. There’s a lot going on out there- all that’s missing from the equation is you. Check online for the options, choose some and go.



Save for a fabulous vacation. When we’re torn up over a break-up, a great antidote is to have something new on the horizon that brings excitement and anticipation. Maybe it’s a cruise or perhaps it’s jumping the pond for a long weekend in London. Take along a friend or go solo and meet new people. Vacation planning provides you with deadlines that keep other action items in your mission on track.



Grocery shopping for one can actually be quite fun because the only palate to please is yours. Try a few new interesting recipes too. What’s the worst that can happen? You throw out the experiment and order a pizza.



Someone will see a spark in you that will propel him or her to want to get to know you and to pursue a date with you. Don’t be afraid to risk finding a new love because of an old hurt. People are all different; the right one is out there for you. Perhaps the one will find you through a friend or bump your cart at the grocery. Forbid fear to keep you from starting something that might be magical.



Saving the best “one” for last- the most important one in the New Year is YOU! Take center stage and seek out joyful adventures- be it small ones like trying new restaurants or large endeavors like learning Italian. Take the time to enjoy new things and the people that make you a better “one”.

As for missing that New Year’s Eve kiss… I’m sure we’ll take a moment and think about the Ex. Make the moment short, and keep looking forward because there’s nothing worth seeing in the rearview mirror of the 2015 model. Solidify the resolve to make 2016 the best ever. While doing so, if you catch the eye of an interesting and cute someone, there’s nothing wrong with giving a peck on the cheek and a Happy New Year wish!