The SW Experts | Dating Single Women: Avoid The “Crier”
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Dating Single Women: Avoid The “Crier”

dating single woman avoid the crier

Ah, the very emotional girl – the girl that cries at the drop of a hat. A sweet, sensitive soul that you just want to protect as a real man.

All that weightlifting you’ve been doing is sure going to come in handy as you wrap your strong arms around her – but you’ve been doing the wrong kind of workout – the workout you really needed was a combination of sprint and long-distance race training because from the “crier” you must RUN.

The crier has two things going on – and by the way – before we continue I don’t mean that it’s wrong for a woman to cry if she suffers a significant loss – I’m speaking of the woman that cries at almost EVERYTHING.

Now that we have that clear, here are the two things she might have going on.

ONE – she’s a manipulator/actress – she uses tears as a way of control – she knows that she can let the water works flow and cut off any meaningful conversation with you because even though you can bench 2x your body weight you crumble at the sign of any salty water coming from her ducts!

In fact, on my “Dating Women Radio Show” we had a woman that cried because she got BUSTED for scheduling a run with a male “friend” behind her boyfriend’s back. What can I say, she deserved a gold statue for her performance!

[Tweet “Avoid women who cry at EVERYTHING! #datingadvice”]TWO – she’s got serious mental problems. Who cries at the drop of a hat for every little thing? Who finds the world that distressing? It’s like the person that laughs at everything – it’s not normal and not natural.

The type of woman I tell guys to look for is a flexible giver with integrity. She’s not going to be the type of person that’s going to try to manipulate you nor will she be someone that you are afraid to leave alone because “today is one of her emotional days”. She will be sweet, supportive, wish you well and also be strong enough to navigate the sometimes rough waters of life with you – a true partner that will face up to things with a sense of humor and purpose – not someone that crumbles because she’s trying to game you into getting her way or just because she’s not equipped to deal with reality.

It’s all cute in the beginning but can you deal with her mood swings for a month?  A year?  10 years? 40 years?

It’s funny but as you progress that first date tends to turn into a second and a fifth and then before you know it you’ve been locked away (at least it feels that way) with this manipulator/and or/ basket case wondering what you did to deserve it. What you did to deserve it, of course, is by ignoring the signs of what you had on your hands. It’s in the dating phase that you have to look for what I call deal breakers and get out before you waste too much time and effort on something that will be bad for you.

I have a saying – BELIEVE IT NOW because it won’t get better – in fact the years will only make it worse.

Remember guys, the “crier” is a woman that is no good for you in the long-term.


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