The SW Experts | Dating Single Women: Bad Teeth, Appearance, Listening Skills? Bad Results With Women!
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Dating Single Women: Bad Teeth, Appearance, Listening Skills? Bad Results With Women!

Dating Single Women: Bad results with women

I’m going to lay this out here – if your teeth are bad – FIX THEM (I don’t care how much it costs – get a loan or an extra job – it’s that important). If you can’t match clothes and you’re not up on the latest styles – GET THERE. If you can’t remember what she said because you’re too busy nervously talking/bragging/chattering about nothing then slow down and LISTEN to her.

Before we go on I know a lot of you have been BRAINWASHED to think you just have to “be yourself” and if she doesn’t like you for you then she wasn’t worth it. I hear guys blast women for being “shallow” and their only crime is that they happen to be human and like what they like at a gut level – just like guys!

She’ll never get to know you – the real you – if all she thinks is “ewwww” when she runs across you due to your yellow teeth that go along with your brown belt and black shoes.

It is important that you’re always the best version of yourself – and that includes a good appearance (teeth, clothes and personal hygiene up to par) because dating is like sales.

At some point I’ll write a full article about my dating/sales theory but for now just know that sales is all about a bunch of prospects and a whole lot more frustration. When I was in sales they told me you need 100 prospects to get 10 appointments and out of that you might get one or two pieces of business – so basically you’re banging your head against the wall 97-98% of the time – but the best salespeople understand this and they get really good at being efficient with their time so they get through more prospects faster by continually improving their pitch – thereby getting to those 1-2 “yes’s” faster.

[Tweet “It’s important that you’re always the best version of yourself! #datingadvice “]So, the only way you can improve your “pitch” to women is be the best you can be – that means fix your teeth, fix your clothes, get as fit as you can and learn to listen (more on that below) because let’s say out of a 100 women maybe 10 liked the current you – but if you do all the right things maybe you increase that to 30.

Doc Love is all about odds and the odds are that you’ll have a better chance of meeting Ms. Right if you’re attracting 30 out of 100 instead of 10 out of 100. Now, you might get lucky that you meet your dream lady within the 10 – but why not try to triple your chances if you can?

Let’s talk about listening for a moment – this is a skill that some men are bad at but it is ABSOLUTELY vital you acquire it. ¬†One of the chief complaints I get from women is that “he doesn’t listen to me” so that means you slow down, ask her questions and then LISTEN to her answers so you can ask follow up questions (hey, the worst that can happen is you learn something from her – not a bad thing).

I can tell you that she DOES NOT want to hear you go on and on about your toys or accomplishments – BORING to a good woman (but if she’s a mercenary/gold digger then she’ll let you ramble on about your home in the countryside because she’s hoping she can take it in the divorce someday).

The bottom line to all of this is you need to be the best version of you and really understand that women are no different than we are as far as wanting that gut feeling when you’re really attracted to someone.

The shame of it is that many men would do much better if they would just fix the things I describe – and some guys that are lonely might even be closer than they think when it comes to women but have to get off that head trip of “well, if she doesn’t like me the way I am then she’s not worth it!”

Wrong – any woman worth her salt and the type you want to end up with has standards too – and there’s nothing wrong with them.

Remember guys, she likes what she likes too!

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