The SW Experts | Dating Single Women: Be A REAL Man!
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Dating Single Women: Be A REAL Man!

Dating single women: Be a real man

If you want a REAL woman – and yes, they’re out there – Doc Love is not in the “he man/woman haters club” – in fact I love REAL women – the type of women who are flexible, giving and kind – and again, yes, they’re out there. What I’ve learned from women (after interviewing over 10,000 of them in my career), I teach to men.

REAL women will not put up with little boys that are too scared to ask for what they want like MEN – and no, I don’t mean that you’re to act like a caveman – I want you to act like a GENTLEMAN because only a gentleman has a chance with this type of lady.

So, what does a gentleman do? He first of all approaches confidently, he looks in her eyes and when it comes to showing interest he doesn’t pussyfoot around by weakly handing his business card or asking for her LinkedIn (or other social media) account, or asking to text her, or giving his number.

He does this – and this only this when interested – “What is your phone number?” – and then he shuts up and waits for her response.

[Tweet “A real gentleman approaches a woman confidently #datingadvice #datingadviceformen”]You see, one of two things will happen – he will either get the number or he won’t get the number – but neither outcome will be different just because he chose a way of doing it that is protective of his fragile ego.

Actually, he hurts his cause with women that might have liked him otherwise. ┬áLet me explain…

Women that don’t like you – WILL NEVER LIKE YOU – so it doesn’t matter if you asked directly, left a message on her wall, tried to call her at work or sent up a smoke signal – it’s not your METHOD of asking but it’s whether or not she liked you or not that will determine if you go out with her – so you might as well, if you’re going down in flames anyway, ask like a MAN would ask.

Women that like you – well, here’s the rub – REAL women want that gentleman as I said above so maybe she started out liking you but then you asked in such a WEAK way that she was thinking in her subconscious that (“hmm, what’s wrong with this dude – is he a man or a 5-year old? Am I going to be picked up by him and his parents and be taken out for ice cream after we go to the school dance?”)

Yes, fellas, that’s how they think! BE A MAN and ASK LIKE A MAN – the women that like you will like you even more (and more importantly respect you) – the women that didn’t like you will NEVER LIKE YOU but at least they can’t tell their girlfriends you were a WIMPY HOT MESS when you came over and asked her out.

You should never act like she’s got a weapon in her purse ready to use on the next guy that asks her out – in fact, you should feel better if you had the GUTS to walk over and confidently ask for the number no matter what happens – because dating is all about playing the odds and the more times you swing for the fences the more times you will hit home runs as well as strike out.

Going along with my baseball analogy above, the guy that wanders around weakly offering his business card or some other form of asking that doesn’t hurt too much is like the guy that always gets up to the plate and tries not to strike out – he’s not trying to win the game or get a hit or do anything else that will mean a positive outcome – he’s just trying to avoid a negative one.

Remember guys, REAL women want REAL men – do you deserve a REAL woman with the way you approach things at the moment?

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