The SW Experts | Dating Single Women: Does She Like Me?
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Dating Single Women: Does She Like Me?

Dating single women: Does she like me?

It’s the age old question – does she like me?

I have to tell you that there is so much damaging brainwashing in the major media, movie studios, sitcoms, blogs, etc that gives real men real bad information.

You know what I see most? The idea that you have to pursue, pursue, pursue and then pursue some more.

Ever see the blockbuster sappy movie where she starts out hating our hero but he just never gives up and finally he wins her heart – roll the credits as the top 40 song du jour plays and you can just see that everyone is going to be so happy.

[Tweet “Movies and sitcoms are brainwashing men and giving them bad information #datingadvice”]I’d like to make a sequel to those movies.  Here would be MY storyline:

We’ll start out by playing the ending of the last movie – complete with him running through the rain saying something so wimpy that any guy in the world would feel his lunch start to bubble to the surface and we’ll see her cry and profess her undying love (the same woman that said she wanted him arrested/hated him/desired he jump in the lake – just an hour ago in the movie).

She FINALLY realized he was THE ONE after running through a series of “Handsome Harry’s” that broke her heart

Sorry, you’ll have to put up with the sappy music once again as we begin my storyline – and then we roll to:

*2 screaming kids.


*Her standing in the kitchen complaining he is an idiot for forgetting one of the kids’ medication at the store.


*Um, she’s not as – er – in shape – as she was in the original.


*She throws little digs at him like “Did you see what <insert guy’s name she was really interested in here> is up to these days?  Weren’t you two even at the firm?”

You see, what happens in the situation when you chase, chase, chase is that sometimes the worst thing happens – you catch her

All you will get in these situations, is to be the “settled for” guy – she didn’t really like you but she settled for you. It was “better than being alone and at least he’s got a good job” will be what she tells her girlfriends.

You want a girl that’s into you from the jump – no doubts and no funny feeling in your gut and NO pursuit.

Women HELP YOU when they LIKE YOU – that phrase alone can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and years, if not decades of agony and pain because YOU chose to be with a woman that wasn’t into you at all.

It all starts when you ask for her number – from things just lasting a date to all the way up to 40 years of marriage.  If you don’t begin with her having a HIGH Interest Level in you from the jump then FORGET IT.

There are 3 sure-fire signs to look for and I encourage you to read my article on what those 3 signs are.

Remember guys, when you don’t start with a strong foundation, you will sink FAST.

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