The SW Experts | Dating Single Women: Midnight Train To Georgia
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Dating Single Women: Midnight Train To Georgia

midnight train to georgia

The great Gladys Knight and her equally great Pips sung a classic “Midnight Train To Georgia” that has a tie in to what I teach guys on my dating relationship education course called THE SYSTEM.

You see, the key part of the lyrics of that song for me are:

“I’d rather live with him in his world than live without him in mine”

That is a woman with HIGH Interest Level and that’s what I teach guys to look for – a woman with HIGH Interest Level because it’s only her Interest Level that matters – not yours.

Why is that?

You see, I assume you’re interested by the virtue of you walking up, meeting her, asking for her number and trying to get her out on date 1 – unless you’re a complete moron then those are signs you’re interested!

So, what matters is how interested she is!

I have some guys that will call me on my Dating Women Radio Show (Google “Dating Women Radio Show” so you can listen to me weekly for free) that are perplexed by their girlfriend wanting to move across the country for a job and not consult with them – and to that I reply that they have higher Interest Level in their career than they do with them.

[Tweet “When you’re really into a girl you want her to be just as equally into you #dating #relationships”]Does that make her a bad person because she prioritizes career over your relationship?  Of course not! By the same token that shouldn’t mean that you want to spend the rest of the life with her either because dating has a funny way of leading to marriage.

When you’re really into a girl you want her to be just as equally into you. If you’d rather live in her world than live without her in yours then you start to understand the reciprocal feelings you should be getting.

Now, I know at this point you’re saying that: “Wait a minute – shouldn’t I be just as willing to move for her as she would be for me – what’s this double standard here? If she has a great opportunity shouldn’t I be willing to follow her?”

Ah, here’s the rub – love to a man could be one of a hundred things – but love to a woman is everything – a good woman anyway. If she is prioritizing anything over the love she has for you – including a career move – then she’s not really in love with you.

It is the woman’s Interest Level that will drive relationships and you can never let your ego get in the way and rationalize anything less than you being number one in her life because if you’re not number one then you’re in last place – there really is no in-between when it comes to dating women and relationships with them.

You can never let yourself get caught up in the ego/rationalizations because you’re setting your life on a course that could take you down in a very negative way. Remember how I said above that dating has a funny way of leading to something more serious like marriage? Well, if you let yourself get entangled with a woman that’s not all for you then you might waste years that could have been spent meeting the lady that’s really right for you.

Do you really want to go through the pain of a break up or divorce and have to start over when you’re older? Select the wrong girl and that could be your fate!

Remember guys, if they don’t want to head on the Midnight Train To Georgia with you then you really don’t have their hearts.

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