The SW Experts | Dating Single Women: Successful Online Dating Profiles
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Dating Single Women: Successful Online Dating Profiles

dating single women: successful online dating profiles

What makes a successful online dating profile? Let’s dig into a few pointers for you.

First of all you want to present the best image you can and that means hiring a professional photographer. Before you start talking to me about “expenses”, let’s stop the article right here and think about what it costs if you don’t do it.

Let’s assume you’re using a free online dating site, like, so you have no expense there and let’s further assume that you’re getting a reasonable response to the photos that your buddy took with his iPhone 6 Plus – which some people are making movies on – so you believe you’re covered because you’ve got quality photos, plus you were smart enough not to have to pay a professional a couple hundred to take your photos.

If you’re okay with “good enough” then you can stop reading now but I’m into details and leaving nothing to chance – dating is like sales and the more leads you put into the funnel then there’s that much more chance that you will get more sales – it’s a numbers game. A professional photographer understands lighting, angles and how to make you look the best you possibly can be. It’s not about the technology of the photos – the iPhone 6 Plus has great technology – it’s about the art and experience.

That professional might take your level of response from maybe 1 in 3 women responding to you, to 2 in 4, or 3 in 5 – and more women responding equals more dates and more chances for you to stumble upon Ms. Right.

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What if you’re on the dating site for a year and you still haven’t found someone you like? The girls are okay that you’re seeing – nice even – but no connection. With more women contacting you might get to Ms. Right faster and end all that first and second date nonsense, not to mention the expense of taking them all out – $10 for coffee here, $25 for drinks there and a $65 dinner for women you might not see again can add up.

Wouldn’t you rather be getting a home cooked meal from your girlfriend of 4 months that cost you the price of a – well – NOTHING (not that you won’t be taking your girlfriend out – but you get my meaning).

The point is – 2 professional photographs might cut through all the nonsense and get you to your lady faster – so why wouldn’t you give yourself the best chance to succeed there?

Okay, onto what you say on the profile – it’s important to remember a few key things:

1. In online dating your object is to meet women in the real world as soon as you possibly can – you’re not there to be their internet penpal and get carpal tunnel answering 9,000,000 emails and chat requests, so don’t write a book – you need to fill out the basics but not cause her eyes to roll back in her head reading all your text.

2. All you will say in your intro text is something like: I’m a down-to-earth guy looking to get to know a self-reliant woman slowly that likes to laugh – contact me so you can have some fun with this gentleman.”

That’s it guys – no long text – no talking about what your deepest hopes, dreams and desires are – no laundry list of what you find appealing or not appealing.

You see, online dating, whether or not anyone wants to admit it, is purely about physical attraction. She’s blowing through hundreds of profiles and often not even getting to the text because she’s looking at photos only stopping when someone interests here.

Again, that’s why I say, make the photos the best they can be and then if she likes you and happens to stop at your profile, don’t say anything goofy or make her read War & Peace – the intro text I gave you should be sufficient enough for her to stop and think “hmmm…. I wonder what this guy is all about.”

Remember guys, successful online dating profiles have great photos and brief but interesting text.
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