The SW Experts | Dating a Slave to Fashion
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Dating a Slave to Fashion

dating a slave to fashion

I have been a slave to fashion all of my life, as my male admirers will admit! Actually I haven’t…as the snigger from those same admirers will testify. I’m one of those people who thinks she doesn’t care how others view her, but really doesn’t notice. I am truly someone with her own sense of style (no, not a bag lady), but someone who wears what she feels comfortable in regardless of whether it’s in fashion or not. If you can get three years of wear out of it, why not! Brave or stupid, I don’t know. I don’t have oodles of money to spend on clothes, nor am I a whizz on the sewing machine to run up an identical item that’s being sold in the designer shop; the only person I know who makes things does children’s Red Nose Day outfits and water bottle holders!

Does my bum look big in it? If it does, I take it off and start again. If I’m really stuck, I’ll wear it and cover it up with a long top, so as not to be so obvious. The key is whether I think the outfit suits me or not, rather than what someone else says.

Are you a Slave to Fashion?

slave to fashionI think my self-esteem and confidence on this subject are at an average level, what is yours like?

“I’m a fashion queen and you’re lucky I’ve noticed you,” down to the lowest level of, “I’m not worthy of wearing this skirt because I’ll only make it look awful. Find a coat hanger to do it justice”. This is the ultimate slave to fashion.

A healthy self-esteem is described as “a realistic respect for, or favourable impression of oneself” Do you have a healthy respect for yourself? Do you recognise your favourable qualities? Can you take someone’s negative comment about you in your stride or even disagree with them? Although you might want to kill them, you only fantasize about this in your head, but outwardly you say, “Yes, I can understand why you might think that”, or “No, I disagree and maybe you misunderstood my point”.

Do you have a negative self-image and think you’re too fat or thin or not clever enough and so when something similar is pointed out to you by a date, you have no self-esteem reserves to fall back on? At a social occasion, does your partner make you feel beautiful, sexy and on top of the world, or unimportant and just a wallflower or, worse still, not even notice that you’ve made an effort to dress up? Shock and horror, are there men like that out there? If so, what are you doing with them my dear?

[Tweet “”I’m not a slave to fashion; I’m into exercising my individuality.” – Sandra Oh #quotes #Fashion”]

If you’re not a beauty queen and don’t want to be seen as having an over inflated ego, you have to have a realistic sense of your own ability or power. Self-confidence is described by as having a “realistic confidence in one’s own judgement, ability or power”. So, how’s yours? Do you believe you can conquer the world, when in reality you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning and dressed for work? Are you the opposite and completely lack self-confidence and think, “I’ll never get that job, that bloke or be able to excel at anything”?

Has your confidence been knocked recently? If so, do you get up and soldier on despite the bruised ego or do you take it all to heart? Whatever you are like, try to remember my mantra “It’s my bum, I love it and I’ll wear these trousers if I want to!”