The SW Experts | Dating Without a GPS
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Dating Without a GPS

Beth Kramer - dating without a gps

During a browse through any magazine stand or even your morning online feed, you’ll undoubtedly find plenty of advice on “How, Where, and What to Do” to Meet The One.

Lose ten pounds (or ½ a stone.) Change your hairstyle. Fill in your brow with Botox. Take a class in fencing. Move to Alaska.

If you’re still lounging about at home on a Friday night or gathering with marrieds for a dinner, you probably think you’ve failed miserably at the self-help genre.

Dating should NOT be as painful as a job search where you’re sending off your CV to dozens of businesses without a single response and the Visa bill is forthcoming for that spree at Top Shop.

Think of it more as a holiday with some handsome men and sure, a fair share of dull ones you’d rather escape after a drink or two.

Online dating has taken some of the fun from dating. When you meet a cute guy at the pub or even in the office, you probably aren’t projecting ten years into the future or to meet the parents for Sunday luncheon. But, once you’re clicking through photos and read enough in a profile or via Google, it’s pretty easy to skip past the first or second date to fantasize about your future with monogrammed towels.

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Of course, a good many of us dream of falling in mutual love at first glance across a crowded room, a weekend in Paris, and marrying at the first of the year. But, while you’re waiting — or even if that only happens at the cinema – dating as a pastime can be loads of fun! (Well, sometimes you might be stuck with a dull accountant who is six inches shorter than you when you’ve worn your highest heels but you’ll probably have some fun stories to share when you are out with the girls!)

How do you go about dating without a GPS?

1. Date out of your comfort zone.

If you commonly date within a certain age range or profession, why not expand your horizons? If you’re somewhere upwards of 40, say yes to the cute 25 year old in your gym class or who messages you online. If you typically date Bond Street, why not meet an artist or actor?

2. Learn to Flirt. Banter is a lost art.

We’ve grown accustomed to texting cute bon mots but when it comes to face to face, we’ve become a bit shy and reserved. Flirt without a destination. Act witty with the fishmonger, the elderly gentleman on the bus. Summon your inner Audrey Hepburn.

3. Dress pretty.

When you run out of the house with wet hair and over-sized sweats, you don’t feel your best. Leave the
granny panties at home. Put on some sexy lingerie, your favorite dress, and a great pair of shoes. And don’t forget the mascara!

4. Seek More Friends.

Surround yourself with fascinating people. Expand your social network just because it’s fun, not because you think they’ll set you up with a dashing unattached male.

5. Love Yourself.

Not everyone is going to like you, just like you’re not going to connect with every guy you meet. That doesn’t mean you’re not spectacular. Learn to separate your self-esteem from dating.

Dating without a GPS is a fun diversion. You’ll meet new friends, have new experiences, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a chance to snog!