The SW Experts | Declaration of Independence from Online Dating
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Declaration of Independence from Online Dating

Craig rodger independence

Acts of declaration are obviously the new black.  Americans are about to celebrate their Declaration of Independence from the UK.  The UK just declared their independence from the EU.  In the next few weeks, the Republicans and the Democrats will convene to declare their party’s nominee for the US Presidential Election.

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Declarations continue as we usher in summer.  We declare a détente with winter coats and spring umbrellas in favor of shorts and suntans.  We declare that the excitement of the season gives us a great reason to be outside with friends old and new.  We declare to take advantage of all the wonders summer has to offer.

There’s one more declaration I suggest to the single dater… declare to take the summer off from online dating.

With the warm season upon us, we not only get to enjoy sunny days but also fun-filled nights full of activity.  Summer brings a level of excitement and a great reason to get outside.  As a single on the dating scene, taking the summer off from online dating provides several perks:

Meet other singles the old fashioned way.

Going to parties, barbeques, and rooftop bars just scratch the surface of venues to meet single people.  Take advantage of meeting the friends of friends too- there’s really nothing wrong with that “set-up”; be open to that possibility.

Be a living and breathing dating profile in real-time. 

You can learn a lot from a well-written profile and some smartly chosen photography, but nothing beats experiencing a potential date in person.  Hearing the inflection in their voice, replacing the “LOL” with the sounds of real laughter and enjoying the spark that comes with eye contact will have you well on your way to an official first date.

You might just move forward if you look straight ahead as opposed to looking at your smart phone.

Stepping away from the computer and smart phone allows you to connect with actual people.  Think of it… the excitement of walking on the street and looking at people instead of checking if your online profile is getting any traction.  Doing so will put you in the game that’s around you.

You really have nothing to lose taking the summer off from online dating. Enjoy the possibility of meeting other singles in real time with a backdrop of sunshine and smiles. Take a chance on finding some summer loving in real time… you might just take that seasonal forecast from hot to steamy!