The SW Experts | Do Lesbians Hire Escorts?
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Do Lesbians Hire Escorts?

Do lesbians hire escorts


Inside the Love Lives of London’s Women

Hiring an escort used to be a luxury only a man could afford. Now though, women all across London are joining the fun.

When you think of the typical person to hire an escort, chances are you’re going to picture a man. After all, the escort industry has been catering to them for as long as anyone can remember, and more often than not, they’re more likely to book an escort than a woman. However, more and more ladies are hiring escorts – particularly those who are interested in women. So what has caused this surge, and why are so many lesbians turning to escorts?

A more accepting world

We’re living in a more open and accepting society now than as little as twenty or thirty years ago.  What this means for the escort industry is that more women are now looking to meet other women openly – and are realising that escorts offer a great alternative to trying to meet someone on a night out. While the amount of women hiring female escorts is still small, it’s rising steadily. This demand means that the amount of lesbian escorts in London is on the rise.

A great way of figuring things out

Lesbian escorts have become somewhat of a lifeline for women who have just come out or are still figuring out their sexuality. Hiring an escort allows women in this situation to ‘test’ if their attraction towards them is genuine. The reason they are using the services of an escort to this could be down to two reasons. Firstly, it allows them to do this in privacy and behind closed doors – often in their own home where they feel safe and secure. Secondly, there’s no awkwardness if the client decides it’s not for her. The escort will offer a service that’s pleasurable and personal, but above all, professional. If it’s a one time thing for the woman, then the escort won’t be offended by that.

Women are more in tune with their desires

Since the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, women have reconnected with their sexuality. So often we are told that men are more sexual in their nature than women – but that’s just not true. Desire is part of the national conversation now – and we’re not talking vanilla. Providing they get along and come to a mutual agreement, hiring an escort allows a lesbian to explore some of her deepest fantasies in a safe environment. She can do this without the fear of being judged – it’s all part of the job for an escort after all.

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Too busy for traditional dating

Escorts are also a great option for busy career women. With all the pressure and long hours of a high-powered job come precious little personal time. So naturally, love lives of ladies all over London are taking a little bit of a bashing. Dating or going out on the pull can be pretty time consuming – especially if you’re just looking for a little bit of no-strings fun. An escort offers all the fun and excitement of dating but without the commitment or hassle. For women who simply don’t have enough hours in the day, it’s an ideal scenario.

We can expect to see more of it

It’s quite clear then that lesbians do hire escorts. Whether a woman is just discovering her sexuality or is very much certain of it, an escort offers her a chance to relax and unwind in beautiful company. Best of all, an escort offers a woman the best of both worlds; a service that’s both fun and professional. So we can certainly expect to see a lot more lesbian all over across London in the coming years – which can only be a good thing!