The SW Experts | Do You Love Her Enough To Let Her Go?
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Do You Love Her Enough To Let Her Go?

CJ Westyn - do you love her enough to let her go

“Honey, I did it. I finally did it! I got a real acting job!! It’s totally legit and it’s for Starks Productions and I’ll be working with John Toms. Can you believe it?!?! JOHN TOMS! And the pay… the pay will change our lives!”

“Are you kidding me, Diana? I am literally over-the-moon-happy for you!! All those years of auditions, potential leads, and rejection have paid off. Let’s celebrate!”

“Roger, I can’t thank you enough for your support over all the years. I wouldn’t have continued without
you. There were times when I was ready to quit. Your words of inspiration, you’re hand on my shoulder. Roger… I… I love you”, a lone teardrop swelled from her eye, rolled off her cheek and splashed on her engagement ring.”

“I love you to, Diana. Are you okay? Those don’t look like tears of joy?”

“I… I’m not. Roger, I want you to know that even though this is the greatest opportunity of my life, if it will hurt you, I won’t do it.”


There’s an… an intimi – ugh, I’ll just say it: Dear, I have to be in a borderline pornographic sex scene. You won’t like it. They want me to –

“Shhhhhh….”, Roger hushed as he raised his finger to his beloved’s lips.

“This is what you’ve wanted your entire life, my dear. I’ve been there to support you the whole time for a
reason. I want to see your dreams come true. I’m not going to stop now over something I know that comes with the territory. Art imitates life. And as we’ve learned, the highest authority we have to answer to is art. If I were to put myself in your shoes, I would do it. I get it.”

“But I thought you would be upset. I thought you’d be jealous, angry… that you would want to leave me.”

“No, no, no my dear. I understand. I’ve always known this was a possibility. And, truthfully, you could be right. I’m human. Despite my relentless support and commitment, I can’t say with 100% certainty that it won’t hurt me. That it won’t cause a problem…. that we… well… you know.”

[Tweet “True #love means supporting the one you’re with, even if your support means parting ways.”]

Tears began to spew from Diana’s eyes like water from a high pressure firehose.

Roger pulled her close and looked her in the eye. “I think back to my childhood often. The days I spent with my grandfather at the family vacation home in Beaumont. He taught me so much about life. He told me stories of what it was like falling in love with my grandmother. He was there for me in my own dating struggles. When I was dumped, rejected, cheated on. He taught me the meaning of love. I didn’t understand what he meant by this, but he said I would someday.”

I’ll never forget it. He said, “You know what kid, true love… and I mean TRUE love to its core, means supporting the one you’re with… the one you care about, even if your support means parting ways.”