The SW Experts | Does Swinging Equal Cheating?
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Does Swinging Equal Cheating?

does swinging equal cheating

Tips on living the swinging lifestyle, and determining what’s right for you and your partner.

Some say money is the root of all evil; I say it’s infidelity. Cheating on your significant other is the worst thing you can do to them in my book. It’s dishonest, sneaky, disloyal and just plain selfish.

“But wait a second, don’t you swing” you may be asking (if you are a frequent reader of mine)?

Yes, I am in the swinging lifestyle, and happy to be. But swinging and cheating are not synonymous. Let’s take a look at swinging vs cheating, shall we?

Does Swinging Equal Cheating?

How Do You Define Cheating?

does swinging equal cheatingEvery person has their own definition of what cheating means to them. Some say any physical contact, including kissing, with someone other than your significant other is cheating. Someone else might feel that sexting, texting and becoming emotionally attached to someone other than your partner is cheating. There is no right or wrong answer here folks. The key is for you and your partner to come to a clear understanding of what cheating means for you as individuals and also as a couple.

Personally, my definition of cheating is anything—physical and/or emotional—done behind your partner’s back without their consent or knowledge. Point blank, if you have to sneak, delete texts, and hide your actions, then you’re cheating!

So, What Is Swinging Anyway?

The simplest definition I can give to define swinging is: a lifestyle where couples openly, and with their partner’s consent, engage in sexual activities with someone other than their partner. Swinging is a recreational activity that partners engage in together, not behind one another’s backs.

Every swinging couple has their own set of rules and boundaries that is unique to their relationship. Some are in the lifestyle just to watch others have sex (free live porn!) while other may enjoy being watched as they get it on with their significant other. Then there are couples who engage in “soft swap” play where everything except sexual intercourse with someone outside of the relationship is OK (i.e. kissing, touching, oral pleasure). Still there is a whole different category of couples who are referred to as “full swap,” meaning that they are free to have sex with people other than their mate (and even then there are rules among couples such as only in the same room as their partner or never in the same room as their partner).

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The kinky possibilities are endless!

Swinging vs Cheating: Who’s Happier?

According to a 2012 study in Psychology Today, swingers are mentally healthier than their monogamous peers. The study found that swingers have less fear about their relationship and also tend to cheat less than monogamous couples. Swinging couples also tend to be less judgmental of other’s sexual and lifestyle choices. I would never judge someone for have a monogamous sexual relationship simply because it’s not for me and I prefer to swing.

It’s a myth that swingers have a “grass is greener on the other side” mentality. On the contrary, we love our partners deeply, have fantastic, open and honest communication and share a deep emotional bond with our partners. We’re not looking for the next good thing or to replace our partners, it’s simply about satisfying our sexual desires.