The SW Experts | Don’t Fight It
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dont fight it

Don’t Fight It

dont fight it

So many people

Go through life looking for love with no avail so if you notice that you are changing it could be that you found “the one”. It is important to say that we as individuals change to better ourselves not because the other person said so, but because we want to be at our best for that person. Old habits start to die off, a broader outlook on life starts to come into focus, a realization starts to appear when the other person is gone. It’s no longer the person you’re seeing instead it’s your best friend. Butterflies fill your stomach with the utter of their name, your heart skips by the sound of their voice, and daydreaming has come back from your childhood existence. These are all signs that love is right around the corner. Don’t run, fight, bicker, or fear from a life evolvement instead embrace the change and growth with the one who has captured your thoughts and heart.


You don’t always have to see eye to eye, but you do need to work together. When you realize the person is worth the fight then it’s time to acknowledge you might of found your match. Every relationship has their ups and downs but the real relationship, no matter their downs, will always have more ups. I love you automatically replaces I’m sorry, every time. Arguments become trivial and funny after a quick review. Along with kissing, it is no longer the starting point for sex, but instead it is full of passion, warmth, intimacy, and depth. The occasional misunderstanding, you might need to agree to disagree, but you will always come back to one another. Don’t fight what you can’t control, instead embrace the realization that your half found its whole.

Have a great one,