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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, oh my!

social media dating

It’s you. It’s us. It’s exposure. It’s complicated. Let’s all agree that social media has completely changed relationship dynamics, especially in the world of disclosure. We confess and we invite and we watch while the likes, retweets, replies and blocks. All along, whether we’re they who post or they who read, we can’t deny the car crash affect effect that occurs when a relationship issue is exposed for the world to see. And in the spirit of accidents, let’s count the ten reasons relationship problems don’t belong on social media.

10 Real Reasons Why Relationship Problems DON’T Belong on Social Media

  1. Even with survivors comes injury. Someone has gotten out of a bad situation and they’d like to tell the world of their plight. And even as they have momentary feelings of pleasure through sharing, there are long term injuries to their reputation. People know who the sharers are but a ‘like’ to a comment or a comment of support doesn’t mean there isn’t a negative perception. “Why do they always complain?” “They let this happen to them and now they want a pity party?” “I feel bad for them but they seem to keep making the same mistakes”.
  2. And here come the rebuttal witnesses. Care to share a comment and invite opposing views? Go ahead. Now a moment shared is a moment scrutinized and that reputation hit we walked through in Reason 10 is being exponentially increased.
  3. You may not get your license back. This is especially true for repeat offenders. Simply put, people don’t want to date someone that constantly has issues. And while those grievances you air may be legit, you’re inviting people into your world without being able to explain your entire worldview.
  4. You may have no passengers. Even if you get your license back, people may not want to ride with you. As discussed in Reason 10, you will have injuries and they will be noticeable. Sooner or later, people may just opt to avoid the dangers and pratfalls that seem to befall you. Otherwise, they feel like your joyriding is their joyriding.
  5. Your insurance will go up. You will date again and there will be friends that stuck it through but not without an increase to your insurance. You’ll be seen as a liability and people will be more cautious about riding with you.
  6. You will have to fix your car or buy a new one. When you put your relationship problems on social media, people notice the dents here and scratches there.   The repair shop isn’t cheap but for all of the things noted in Reasons 10-6, you’ll have to do some body work to restore some luster lost.
  7. You can’t adjust the details to the police or insurance companies. Once you put it out there, you can’t take it back or change the story. Enough said.
  8. There are other survivors to think about. Simply put, there were other people involved in the accident and they don’t need to be collateral damage or witnesses to the injury. They’re hurting as it is whether they’re children, friends or our former significant other!
  9. The paparazzi are ruthless and they’ll be at the scene right away! We all have people in our social media circles that feed off of our misfortunes. Here’s an easy way to give them their Thanksgiving and Christmas in one.
  10. You’re a survivor. Some attributes we like to bestow upon true survivors are strength, resilience and courage. Strength and resilience are, among other things, about doing the right thing, not the thing that feels right in the moment.  Don’t be a car crash, there is far too much pain and suffering to deal with.

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