The SW Experts | Fashion Designer Joe Malaika Gets You Ready for Date Night
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Fashion Designer Joe Malaika Gets You Ready for Date Night

ready for date night


If you haven’t heard of Joe Malaika designs you soon will.   Ladies you need to go to his website to see these gorgeous dresses!  Currently you can purchase them on-line or at LIT Boutiques.  LIT Boutiques are located in the North End on Hanover Street across from Bricco or on Newbury Street.  I also have to mention one of my favorite stores.

Joe’s overall goal is to work with Nordstrom’s, Neiman Marcus, and eventually open up his on store.  I asked him where he gets his inspirations for his pieces.  He said he goes through Fashion Magazines, peruses the shops on Newbury Street, and travels to different places overseas to get inspirations.

Currently he is prepping for his big fashion show this November.  He is very excited for this show because he will be raising money for the Jimmy Fund.  It is Saturday November 21st at the Boston Hilton in Woburn.  If you want to help sponsor his show or be a vendor send him a tweet @malaikaclothing to find out how!!

Click HERE for a video of all you need to know about Joe, we hope you love it as much as we do!