The SW Experts | Five Reasons Why You Will Always Get Hit On At The Gym
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Five Reasons Why You Will Always Get Hit On At The Gym

get hit on in the gym


“I am SO. SICK OF IT. Every time I go to the gym, I can feel a room full of eyes on me and at least 2 guys hit on me.”

“OMG. I KNOW what you’re talking about. There’s so many creepy guys there.”

This seems to be a growing sentiment these days, and justifiably so. Most people go to the gym for their health and well being. It’s not designed to be a pick up bar.

In the midst of our modern “fitness revolution” more and more people are finally taking exercise seriously. Based on some stuff I’ve read and my own social observations, the amount of complaints about being hit on at the gym has been growing exponentially.

Let’s look at what happens when the number of humans in a gym rises and then line it up with human nature.

When we go to the gym, most of us have the motive of increasing our level of what we perceive as “attractiveness” (or what our culture has trained us to perceive as attractiveness).

So it can be said that going to the gym and putting in the time and hard work will give more definition to the attributes that one may believe will make him or her more “attractive”.

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Tragically, the media has impressed upon us a unique image of what is attractive. So in the process of achieving or maintaining that culturally defined standard, people get “results”. If your results are to be “more attractive” by Western standards, then you’ve done a good job.


Enter Human Nature: No matter how hard we try to repress it, we will always be propelled to fulfill our biological destiny.

So here are 5 reasons why you will get hit on at the gym for the rest of your natural life:

1. The gym is an arena that “requires” clothing that is “form fitting”…literally short and tight. Varying human physical features are more pronounced in such attire. It can be argued that when these features are less “hidden”, people will become more inclined to notice them…and perhaps even act on their instincts. In a way, we are bringing ourselves closer to the era in human history before clothing existed.

2. Working out works…and it takes maintenance to keep your “results”. So whether you perceive yourself as attractive or not, you are fine tuning some features that would otherwise be less detectable. After sticking to your commitment to work out regularly, you may even find that you become “the hottest girl/guy at Planet Fitness”. Who wants a date with that person? Anyone who has been trained to find such attributes to be attractive.

3. Work out positions bring focus to such physical characteristics. Think about it. The very act of stretching volunteers your ass to be observed.

4. Exercise machines put the human body into motion…into rhythm. When a human body is in motion, an eye will be drawn to it. In that process, more subtle features of “attractiveness” become noticeable…especially to people who have a sharp enough eye to detect fine detail (artists, designers, etc…).

5. It is a social setting. In social settings where people interact, they usually get to know each other. Even if they don’t develop a rapport, they begin to recognize each other. In general, this makes it easier to ask anyone out as it serves as a default ice-breaker. Think about work, bars, social clubs and other places you consistently interact with people. When we are put together in a room day after day (exercise equipment or not), we will do what we are designed to do.

There’s nothing like that sense of accomplishment we feel when we get results. However, results come with consequences. Some wanted. Some unwanted. The gym may not be an “appropriate” arena to engage in courtship rituals, but whether we like it or not, we are governed by our instincts.

So if you’re getting hit on at the gym, get used to it. It comes with the territory. If it pisses you off THAT much, take the money you’d spend on a membership, buy a Bowflex and stay home.


-CJ Westyn