The SW Experts | Five things to avoid on a first Tinder date
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Five things to avoid on a first Tinder date

Tinder Date

You’ve messaged each other on Tinder and now have agreed to meet up. While you’re pretty comfortable texting and posting selfies, going on a date seems a bit stressful and serious – because you really like him! In fact, maybe you don’t even want to call it a date. It’s just a hang.

Regardless of what you call it, you’re interested in this guy (or girl) and you want to make a good impression. Don’t worry, there are a few things to avoid to make sure the date – or hang – goes off without a hitch.

Following are five things to avoid on a first date:

No ex talk. Even if you want to make a joke about your ex or romantic history, don’t. The subject of exes is a tricky one, and people can make all kinds of assumptions without really knowing you simply by the way you talk about your ex. Plus,Tinder First Date it steers the conversation down a negative path.

No political rants. This is also tricky – people can be judgmental about their politics, so why rock the boat before you’ve even gotten to know each other? I’m not saying avoid it forever, but don’t get into a heated debate on a first date.

Don’t post a play-by-play on social media. Can’t be a minute away from your phone? Did you promise to give your followers a run-down of your latest conquest? Avoid this while you’re on the date. First, it’s rude to be tweeting and posting instead of talking to your date, and second – they will find out you’re talking about them. Trust me on this. If it’s posted, they will know.

Don’t get drunk/ pissed. A friend of mine was really into a girl he met at a bar, and hung around to talk with her a bit longer and to get her number. She decided however to have an extra drink or two to calm her nerves. So when she leaned over to kiss him and ended up falling off her barstool instead, he suddenly lost interest. Don’t let this be you. Know your limits.

Don’t look around at who else is there. Focus. This is serious – if your date catches you glancing around, you’ve already lost. Tinder has made ADD dating a thing, and if your date thinks you’re visually scrolling through all the cute women/ men passing by, he/ she will look for someone else, too.

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And a couple of things you should do on a first date:

Offer to pay for something – even if it’s just a round of drinks or parking valet. This might sound old school, but it shows good manners. Plus, it will feel more like an actual date – and put you ahead of all the people who are just meeting for a “hang.”

Keep an open mind. Don’t discount someone because they are different from what you pictured. You are probably not what they pictured, either. This isn’t a bad thing – it’s a getting to know you thing, which takes time. So, take your time. Get to know this person sitting in front of you.

Happy dating!