The SW Experts | How To Fly Solo And Love It
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How To Fly Solo And Love It

how to fly solo

I’m the kind of girl who likes to do things with at least one other person. I’m the unofficial social director of my group which¬†means I’m regularly looking for a plus one for something that sounds fun. My friend circle has recently decreased in size and while I hunt down some new ladies to bring into the fold I realized that I’ve got to embrace flying solo. Not exactly an easy under taking considering I’m more of an introvert with extrovert tendencies, but there once was a time when people actually met each other out in the world, in real time, doing something. That’s exactly what I did! I figured what’s the worst that could happen? I could meet a really hot guy!

How to Fly Solo and Love It

First things first, you’ve got to find something to do. It can be whatever the hell you want to do! The best part of flying solo is not having to take anyone else’s likes or dislikes into consideration. I decided to go to a beer festival for a couple of reasons:

1. I like to drink.
2. I’ve been to this particular one before so I knew what I was getting myself into.
3. Guys like to drink. I like to be where the guys are. Wait, am I about to meet my next boyfriend?

How to fly soloI might have gotten a little ahead of myself on that last one, but if you need a little incentive in the form of attractive men then go right ahead and follow my lead. Since this is still the planning phase feel free to do any beautifying necessary to confidently face a social event alone. The good news here is even though you’ll be alone you won’t be by yourself.

This next step is going to be crucial in your success, don’t talk yourself out of going through with it. I almost did the same thing several times leading up to D-Day. I bought my ticket when it was cheap, but it was also ridiculously early which left me with plenty of time to ponder giving in and looking for a friend to go with me or just not going at all. Every time a negative thought would cross my mind I’d remind myself of all the fun I was going to have. If it involves drinking then you best believe I’m going to have fun doing it. So under no circumstances do you have permission to re-neg!

Come the day of your event do all the primping necessary to feel your very best. You should have a permanent smile on your face so that guys and girls alike want to chat you up. I know up until this point I’ve played up the potential to meet a man, but you could totally meet your next bestie! Here’s how it went for me:

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I stood in a ridiculously long line to actually get in my event. Time I used to Instagram a picture, check-in on Facebook and put my game face on. I felt like it was important to not stay in one place or sit down for too long. The first pair of guys I met were nice but I couldn’t tell if they were just being nice or not exactly sure how to handle my flying solo.

I continued making my rounds and was eventually sent running for cover when it started to rain. I met a group of nice girls and we all bonded over being stuck and trying to figure out how long for. I told myself that once my cup was empty and the rain let up it was time to get a refill, which I couldn’t have timed better because a few minutes later it was over. I was debating if I should eat when I bumped into another group of guys and one plucked me right up. We spent the rest of the beer festival hanging out. It included donuts, beer ice cream & meeting a group of people in town for the weekend.

As for the guy it went nowhere. We played phone tag and then he randomly called me a month or so later like it had been days and not weeks since we met. Why do guys do bullshit like that? I just can’t. But as for grabbing life by the balls and having fun solo style, I highly recommend it!