The SW Experts | Four Ways To Meet A Guy As A Post-Grad
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Four Ways To Meet A Guy As A Post-Grad

Four ways to meet a guy as a post grad

In my life I have had two serious relationships. One in high school and one in college. When both of them ended I never really worried about meeting someone else because I was surrounded by a lot of guys. I went to a big high school, and huge college. But, once I graduated I realized that was all about to change. I was starting a job in a company that is primarily made up of women and was moving back home to a small town. I would no longer have the chance to walk down my dorm hall and hang out with a group of guys, go to class and meet someone, or run into someone at a local college bar. This made me wonder, how will I meet someone as a post-grad? After some thinking and consulting friends, I have come up with four simple ways to meet a guy after you turn the tassel.