The SW Experts | From Friends to Lovers
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From Friends to Lovers

from friends to lovers

Here we are at yet another holiday and you and your best friend are still single. He can’t bring the new girl he’s dating to his parent’s home because they always seem to ask about you, the funny cute girl who always laughs at his Dad’s dirty jokes. You can’t take just anyone to meet your family because let’s face it, you’ve been in “Singleville” for quite some time now and admitting that you’re someone’s booty call isn’t exactly what you want to do over eggnog. It seems as though you’ve both known each other forever. You met in school where he needed to copy your notes because he always fell asleep during English class. She was the girl who always listened to you ramble on about your crazy drunken one night stands and never became jealous. You’ve both spent so much time together and the love you have for one another is absolutely true.

But how do you make the transition from friends to lovers? You keep telling yourselves the opportunity isn’t right and you don’t want to ruin the friendship. Yet every time you guy’s hang out you seem to be drooling over him in his sweats or imagining her in your wet t-shirt. When he’s with someone your single, and when she’s with someone you’re dating and having sex with everyone in sight. Somehow you two always end up on each other’s couch venting about your latest failed relationships. Here’s why you should really consider making the transition from friends to lovers.

Gents, your girl best friend knows all about you! If the girl who is just your friend knows more about you than the girl you’re dating, you’re in trouble. Women love to talk! We want to know who, what, where, when, and why. If there is another woman in your life, other than your Mother, who knows you have a crazy obsession with Star Wars, we want to know about it! What this says to us is that you’re not even comfortable enough with your new interest to share your craziest childhood obsession with them. When you share more of the details of your day with your best friend, but leave the sex part for the new girl you’re dating, you’re swimming in shark infested waters. It’s only a matter of time before the new girl starts to ask about your best friend and why you both aren’t together. Trust me no one wants to be fish food.

[Tweet “How do you make the transition from friends to lovers? #dating #relationships #friendzone”]Ladies, your male best friend is your very own Mr. Fix It! If you always run to him to fix things, i.e. your heart, then why isn’t he your boyfriend? If the guy you’re dating doesn’t know how to change your tire, and the first person who you think to call for help is your “bestie”, you may want to consider making him your handyman/boyfriend. Let’s face it the man who comes to your rescue is your hero ladies, and the one who has no clue just isn’t all that attractive anymore.

In your relationship, you are both so comfortable with each other that you don’t have to worry about who farts first! Seriously, in dating there is always that comfort level that you wish the other person would reach first. With your best friend you’ve already done that.  You two have spent countless nights on the sofa watching Netflix and eating pizza that he or she is bound to “let it rip”, and you’re so comfortable with each other you think nothing of it. In other words your guards are down and you’re not judging each other based on your flatulence. It’s perfect!

Ultimately you both make each other happy. You’ve counseled each other through countless break-ups, bad dates, and at this very moment both of you are single. You already have what it takes to have a successful relationship; love, communication, and trust. There will never be a perfect time, but honestly you’ve been dying to know what it’s really like to cuddle and date your best friend! Friends first and lovers second is a winning combination!

Let me know if you’re thinking about transitioning from friends to lovers!

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