The SW Experts | How To Get a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Watch Football
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How To Get a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Watch Football

how to find a boyfriend who doesn't watch football

How can you get a boyfriend who doesn’t watch football? Is that even possible, you must ask? Well, I have to consider myself a lucky woman as none of my long term boyfriends were football mania ridden. The short term ones, well I didn’t notice. I suspect I would have, if it were so obvious. How did I manage?

How to Get a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Watch Football:

1. Get a Guy Who’s Into Car Racing

My first long term boyfriend was crazy about Formula 1. It ruled his world, the way all favourite pastimes do. I got into watching it with him when it was on TV. We didn’t go to actual Formula 1 races; they were just too far from where we lived. Thus, pay attention. If he’s really, really into another sport, that might just mean that he’s not that much or not at all into football. There’s your cue.

2. Get a Guy Who’s Into The Arts

Here I go again. Tried and tested. I met my other long term boyfriend at an acting workshop. He was into playing the guitar, acting, of course, singing and even juggling. We often went to the local pub. There were occasions when the game was on. He would sometimes text me before I arrived” I’m in the other side, as in the main pub the game is on.” Isn’t that just music to your ears? It was to mine.

3. Get a Guy Who’s Into Nature

Get a BoyfriendEvery now and again I imagine myself bouncing along on a dire African dirt road in my Jeep Wrangler, enjoying the fabulous view of dangerous wild life. I would, of course, need a strong and brave man, who can protect me from all the dangers. What could this man be like? He’s obviously pals with most lions around, and wrestles with them for show. He lives in a hut, or in a tree house and does not have wi-fi or Internet for that matter, better yet, he doesn’t even have a TV. We enjoy watching the sunset in the evenings and we warm our hands at an open fire. During the day he helps me care for rescued animals at the shelter. He does have a hobby though. He takes long kayaking trips down the river and gets into tight situations at every waterfall. But he manages just fine. He does skip on shaving every now and again, but I’ll trade football watching for a beard on any given day. Wouldn’t you?

4. Get a Guy Who’s Into Anything Else, But

If you’re wondering, my answer is, yes, they do exist. Guys, who are just not into football, or into team sports for that matter. They might be in the customer services field or they might work in tourism, they might like to go to the movies and or hiking, but watching group ball kicking just doesn’t float their boat. Where are they? Well, if you cast a wide enough net, you’ll be bound to find some. Don’t give up easily. 

[Tweet “if you cast a wide enough net, you’ll be bound to find some. Don’t give up easily. #saynotofootball”]

5. Get a Guy Who Actually Plays Football

Now that’s a bit of a tough love, but hey, talking about the bus man’s holiday. If he does it for a living, chances are he won’t be watching it in his free time. Chances are. Mind you, the downside is that you’ll have to watch him play, with almost no exception. Would that defeat the purpose?

Who are we kidding? Getting a boyfriend who doesn’t watch football is a tall order. However, if he’s otherwise gorgeous and that’s his only flaw, I say, forgive him. As new author George Reagan says in his book, “Masterdate: The Handy Guide To Internet Dating For Guys” sports for men is like fashion for us women, an opportunity to escape the mundane and be part of hero action. Don’t we women like to be Cinderellas who turn into princesses every time we go shopping?

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