The SW Experts | Love Notes Will Help You “Get it On” at the End of the Day
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love notes will help you "get it on"

Love Notes Will Help You “Get it On” at the End of the Day

love notes will help you "get it on"Do you want to know how to convince your girlfriend, wife, lover, or significant other to drop everything and “get it on” with you at the end of the day? Leave her a sweet note in her purse, in the fridge on top of her leftovers, on the windshield of her car, or on the mirror in the bathroom, and she will give you not only text you to tell you how sweet you are, but more than likely it will get you laid!

You guys might think I’m over exaggerating here, but honestly, sweet love notes, when done correctly and genuinely, go such a long way in a woman’s mind. Remember: women love romantic gestures, and to feel appreciated and special. When you make a little effort to remind her how important she is to you, she’ll go even further (by dropping her clothes) to return the compliment.

If You Want to “Get it On”, You Need to Remember¬†This:

Here’s the most important thing to remember though: do NOT leave little messages simply for the intention¬†of getting something in return. You HAVE to do it just because. You can’t use it as a tool to score points. Even though that’s what you’re really doing, you can’t tell her, “I left you a sweet note telling you I love you today, so you should give me a blowjob”. Trust me when I say that if you do that, you will never get laid again!

Leave a note just because you love her. She has to feel like you just want to do something sweet for her. Of course you do little things for each other anyway, it’s just with our busy lives, sometimes a little reminder is key!

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