The SW Experts | Great Boyfriend Material Consists of These 8 Qualities
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Great Boyfriend Material Consists of These 8 Qualities

great boyfriend materialBeing great “boyfriend material” means you want to stand out from the rest of the possible options a woman could date, and  be the guy that she deserves. Making a conscious effort to be that kind of man means you genuinely are interested in her, and want to ensure you keep her around for a while. That means you may need to step it up a little in terms of your behavior, but I have some great suggestions on how to do so.

Great “Boyfriend Material” Consists of These 8 Qualities

1. Communicating

Make an effort to talk with her at least once a day. Even if it’s only a quick text, that is okay, although phone calls are best.

2. Listening

Listen to her when she vents, and expresses her needs; and let her know that you are someone she can talk with about what’s going on in her life.

3. Prioritize

Set aside time for important people in your life including your girlfriend. That means scheduling in advance dates, outings, and time for her. Don’t be a workaholic with no fun!

4. Cuddle

Be it on the couch watching a movie, or in bed after sex, you need to enjoy some cuddle time.

5. Humor

Tell a joke once in a while, smile and laugh a lot to show that you’re a positive, upbeat and happy person!

6. Maturity

Yes, you’re fun, but you know when to be a goofball and when to be serious. It’s all about knowing your audience.

7. Decisiveness

Plan events, dates, getaways, etc. without relying on her to do it for you all the time.

8. Support

Show support and encouragement on a regular basis by showing up to important events in her life; and remember when she has something going on that is significant for her, you ask about it and make it important to you as well.

Ladies: do you agree that these 8 qualities make up all the great catches out there? So, now the question is, where are all those great guys hiding? Guys: take a note here and step up your attitude a bit. Be THIS kind of guy, and women will want to stick around for a while.

What other qualities do great boyfriends have that I left off the list? Leave a comment and let me know!