The SW Experts | Having a Good First Date Comes Down To 3 Things
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having good first dates

Having a Good First Date Comes Down To 3 Things

Having a good first date comes down to three things.

  1. Your Attitude

  2. Your Expectations

  3. Your Effort

Your Attitude

On a first date if you go into it thinking, “oh she’s not as hot as I’d prefer”, or “he doesn’t have a great job, but I’ll go out with him anyway”, you’re sure to fail. Go into it optimistic, and in hopes of if nothing else having a great time.

Your Expectations

Don’t expect to meet “the one” before you even go on a first date. The fewer expectations you have, the more enjoyable it will be. Be open to meeting a new friend, a tennis partner, a new connection that could possibly be work related, etc. You never know what might come out of it, so just remember to keep an open mind.

Your Effort

If you sit at the table and don’t make any effort to have a conversation, or find out any information about your date, it’s going to fail. You can’t expect the other person to do everything. Show that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know the other person, and if nothing else, you’ll at enjoy yourself more.

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