The SW Experts | Hot Women Fart Too
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hot women fart too

Hot Women Fart Too

hot women fart too

Well, it is true. Hot women do fart. Just like you. They also burp and shit.

There. I have just shattered your over zealous imagined perfect picture of your woman. You know what I’m talking about fellas – that picture in your mind of a woman you are attracted to that gets bigger and brighter and hotter and sexier with every tick of the clock.

You fantasize, dream, and expand the vision of this woman you have fastened your attraction to as the end all be all of beauty. If she farts, she farts rainbows. When she burps, it’s reminiscent of tree sprite giggles. And when she shits, IF she shits, oh, who are we kidding, she never shits.

She is perfect

In every possible way. So perfect, she is circling Jesus’ level. Only sexy and wearing a thong. So how the hell could you ever expect to land a hottie of that magnitude?!?

Well, chances are, you won’t. And only YOU are to blame.

You have done what so many other men have done before you. You have put a woman on a pedestal for no other reason than that you want her. After all she’s hot, sexy, and desirable. It’s understandable that you would be attracted. But so what?

You know NOTHING about this woman. NOTHING. She could be an awful human being. A serial killer. She could smell like hot cheese and shame. So stop hampering your own game by psyching yourself out before you know anything about her.

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I know this can be difficult

Once you see a woman that attracts you, our old friend Dopamine starts firing off in your brain. This drug makes you lust after this lady and starts the feelings of love a flowin. The more you want her, the more pain you will feel should she reject your advance. As the feelings intensify, it gets harder and harder to shake off the possibility of a horrible crash and burn.

This can become too much to bear, so you simply decide to make no attempt at all. You don’t need that kind of pain in your life, right? Wrong! This is how you grow.

Remember that she is simply a human. With all the foibles and problems that all humans have. She could even have far more wackbat issues than you. We all have our own crosses to bear. You don’t know what hers are.

Instead of wrecking your chances before you even take a shot, shake off all the extraordinary visions of the lovely lady you are interested in and start from ground zero.

She is simply a woman

She is not an angel, a god, or any mythical vixen. She farts, she shits, and she drools in her sleep. Just like you.

So next time you are afraid of saying hello, just envision your luscious lovely with a heinous case of the taco shits, wearing a sombrero, hovering over the toilet held aloft by her own bean fueled propulsion. That’ll dislodge your Dopamine blockage and take care of that approach anxiety that holds you back.

Now you no longer have her on a pedestal. A throne, yes (pun intended), but not a pedestal. I learned long ago that if you put someone on a pedestal, they are very likely to fall off. So don’t set them up there from the start.

Take away your self imposed limits and timidity. Walk right up and say hello. If she is not interested in you, that’s totally fine. She has a million reasons that she might not be attracted to you and only ONE of them is you.

After all, she could just have gas…