The SW Experts | How a Man Shows He Loves You
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How a Man Shows He Loves You

how a man shows he loves you

“Does he love me?” is a popular question my clients ask me. The answer will vary for each reading because each relationship is different. I have seen many women get frustrated because the man they are dating doesn’t express his feelings, open up to them, or says he loves her. One woman told me that her fantasy man she wants to manifest would tell her he loves her every day and leave her love poems. How many ladies would like that?

Male poets who express their feelings are out there, however, the bulk of men are not like that. A married man might tell his wife in private that he loves her every day, yet may have trouble saying it in public, please remember it took years for him to get to that place. In the courtship phase it is much different. A warning to those who just started dating a man who says they love them within the first two months. Love at first sight is rare, lust at first sight is more common. That kind of love/lust is what keeps the population going. We, humans, usually do not fall in love, we grow into love.

The vast majority of men show their love in ways which women often miss, because it is not in the way they think it should be done, nor do they understand the male expression of love. Here are some examples of men showing he loves you or really into you:

  • He calls and texts you often.
  • He asks you out and shows up for the date.
  • He will insist on paying the majority of the time.
  • He is interested in who you are, asks questions, and listens to the answers.
  • He remembers what you like, whether it is your favorite beverage or a subject you love.
  • He fixes things around your home or car.
  • He enjoys having conversations and spending time with you.
  • He does NOT have sex with you every time he sees you and will hang out with you during that time of the month.
  • He sticks around even when you are moody.
  • He takes the time to please you in bed.
  • He will stand up for you.
  • He wants to take the relationship to the next level.

[Tweet “The vast majority of men show their love in ways which women often miss #love”]Ladies, did you noticed the above list had more with doing than expressing feelings? The next time you want to know if a man loves you – watch his actions. Any male can say I love you, horny teenagers do it all the time, to get what they want from you. A real man will show he loves you and when he is ready will say it. Here are two stories of a how a man can say he loves you for the first time.

This is how my retired military boyfriend said he loved me a couple of years ago. I asked him what he did at his job at the company (which subcontracts for the military) he works for that week. His response was, “I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you. And I love you too much to have to kill you.”

We really laughed when a friend told me about the way her husband said he loved her, before they were married. He said, “I love you,” and farted. He must have really been nervous!

Dear readers, you can see that neither of those I Love You were poetic, maybe they’re not very romantic in your opinion. It does not matter because it was romantic enough for us. What counts is the way a man shows his love and treats you. I wish that love for you!