The SW Experts | How To Avoid The Friendzone
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How To Avoid The Friendzone



Today I’m going to give you three tips for how to AVOID or get out of the dreaded friendzone. The friendzone means when a women you are attracted to and you are interesting in dating her don’t take you seriously. They don’t see you in a sexual way or as a potential dating option. The complaint I have most of the time with my clients and the guys I work with is when there’s a girl at work or school or a social circle, but they get put in the friendzone. They see him as a friend and he wants to get out of the friendzone. He wants her to see him as a boyfriend or a sexual option. Let me give you three tips for achieving this.

1. Tease her

When you’re dealing with women and having interactions, start teasing them.

Teasing is just a fun playful thing you do with your friends or with people you’re comfortable with. You make fun of them, you joke around with them. It is nothing serious. It is coming from a place of love, which says I like you and that’s the reason I’m messing around with you.

When guys talk to beautiful girls, they become too serious. They stop joking around, they stop smiling, they stop teasing. Always tease women you’re attracted to, just as long it is coming from a place of love and as long as you do it with a cheeky smile on your face. As long as there’s a twinkle in your eye and the sub-communications should say you like them and you’re having fun with them.

2. Challenge her

When you’re dealing with women, start to develop an attitude which is challenging. Start challenging women. When they talk to women, a lot of guys are very agreeable with what she says and never challenge her.

She might say I like shopping and the guy is like “Yeah me too!”

She might say she likes Chinese food and the guy is like “Yeah me too!”

She might say she likes killing dogs and cats and the guy will be like “Yeah me too!”

The reason why guys do this is because they are trying to get something. This behaviour is very transparent to the girl. She knows you don’t really agree with what she’s saying. You’re just saying it because you want to get laid.

Challenging is a way to express your opinion. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion when you’re talking to women. If she says she likes blue, say you like red. If she says she likes Chinese food, say you like Indian food (or whatever it is that you like).

Be comfortable expressing your opinion. Women appreciate this. It shows you’re honest, genuine and authentic and they trust you. They trust you to be yourself!

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3. Give her sexual compliments

Once you’re teasing women and you’re challenging them, start giving women sexual compliments.

If there is a girl you know or you just approached a girl on the street or in a bar, you have got to let your intentions be known. Be honest and upfront in terms of how you feel about her.

If you think she’s attractive, let her know. If you think she’s sexy, let her know. If you think she’s girlfriend material, let her know. If you think she turns you on, let her know!

Just start expressing how you feel in terms of your desires and your sexual needs to the girl. Don’t worry. Girls don’t get offended. A beautiful girl knows she’s beautiful so she wants people to be honest and upfront with her. The worst thing you can do is pretend you’re not interested and try to manipulate your way in and get through the back door. You might as well just be upfront and honest from the beginning and say, “Listen, I find you attractive you’re sexy you have got awesome legs longs. I love your figure.”

Whatever it is at that moment, let her know! You’ll find that at first she’ll be shocked but it’s a good kind of shocked and they really
like it. They appreciate it.

Those are the tips for today. I hope you learned something and stay tuned for more tips.

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